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What is Claritee?

  • Smart wireframe. Smart content. Claritee offers an easy-to-use, visual, collaborative, agile, workspace thatunifies team members from the start.
  • Claritee software is an easy to use platform used to create mockups, prototypes and visual product requirements in minutes.
  • The software offers a drag and drop tool to select elements that are interactive and previewed.
  • Collaborate with teams to prioritize content and link up canvases for a clickable preview.
  • Designers, Professionals make use of the software.
  • It was created due to a very real need for a platform that offers a way to collaboratively, interactively and visually clarify the ideation stage of a project and thus reduce time, money and aggravation spent during the project.
  • It empowers the translation of ideas into visual, interactive and collaborative layouts with the use of drag & drop smart content, resulting in superior web products that cost less to create.
  • It enables teams to save time, resources & frustration with guided content, easy linking, interactive states, real-time collaboration, time estimations, and more.
  • Claritee is a tool in the Wireframing category of a tech stack.


  • Easy to create wireframes equipped with drawing tools, interactive play preview, conversations, and more.
  • An easy-to-use platform where anyone with an idea can create wireframes and visual product requirements in minutes. Claritee enables teams to think out load together – visually!
  • We empower the translation of ideas into visual requirements with smart wireframing.
  • Claritee enables quick clarification of ideas at the beginning stage of any project by offering a visual collaborative hub to refine ideas through cross-functional team discussions.
  • By refining visual requirements at the beginning phase of any project, you can eliminate 80% of RFC (Requests for change) during development.


Responsive wireframing with a click:

use drag & drop sections of content to lay out your interactive desktop, tablet and mobile visual requirements.

Powerful wireframing & sitemap builder:

intuitively drag and drop content appropriate for the page you are laying out.

Section building blocks:

Sections of recommended content, rather than full page templates, give you the flexibility to mix and match until you have the perfect layout for your requirements.

Easy-to-use Interactive elements:

with Claritee adding content is easy. Simply add sub-content to an element right on the canvas to create clickable and interactive content.


Page Linking

Interactive Elements

Drag and Drop

Presentation Tools

Mock-up Creation

Prototype Creation

Desktop Interface

Mobile Interface

Built-in Templates



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