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Founded Year: 2019

Country: Netherlands

SEO Traffic: 6 /month

MRR (USD$): 33

DA :9


What is CrawlQ?

  • is Advanced AI-powered Market Research and AI-Content Writer for Founders, Marketers and Content Writers
  • Research your target market and generate personalized copy using AI-powered content creation.
  • Imagine an advanced AI powerhouse that researches your audience and automatically writes awesome content specifically catered to them.
  • CrawlQ helps you identify your target audience, conduct market research, and generate high-quality content that’s tailored towards your target audience.
  • Your struggle to write the perfect marketing copy feels just like the first half of Limitless.


  • CrawlQ is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that helps businesses generate personalized content, conduct market research, monitor customer behavior, manage competitor analysis, and more from within a unified platform.
  • With the market spying wizard, staff members can create buyer personas and automate content creation workflows by finding trending topics, podcasts, videos, question-answer databases, news, and other media content.
  • CrawlIQ lets business leaders access the machine-learning-based text summarize, which allows them to extract niche, brand, or competitor information from multiple sources to optimize marketing strategies.
  • The built-in content writer enables copywriters to generate targeted SEO-friendly blogs based on pre-defined topics, content ideas, and geographical location.
  • It lets employees crawl and capture search and social media data to gain insights into customer behavior and demographics, such as age, gender, occupation, location, motivations, intentions, and more.
  • CrawlIQ enables businesses to integrate the platform with several third-party solutions, such as Canva and Zapier.
  • It also lets users access the built-in library of templates to create blog posts, infographics, video descriptions, social media bios, about us pages, LinkedIn business pages, case studies, and more.

Types of service categories

  • Market Research: Marketmuse features set Crawlq apart from other AI content writers by assisting in the creation of content that is pertinent to your target audience.
  • Workspaces – enable you to target your content more precisely in order to consistently train the AI writer to write better content.
  • Crawlq has a specialized data-driven content builder, Spying Wizard, which is another SEO feature that uses AI content.


  • Search discover
  • heading generation
  • create offers and calls to actions for your products/services
  • AI Content Rewriter
  • AI Content Summarizer


Google Cloud, FORM MarketX, AnswerRocket, Neuton AutoML, isLucid, Lucy, Splunk Enterprise, Forethought, New Relic, Reputation, WellSaid, Personyze, and BeanworksAP

Best For

Founders, Marketers, Copywriters, Marketing Agencies, B2B SaaS content marketers, B2B SaaS content strategists, B2B SEOs, growth marketers, FIunnel Builders, Website Builders, Media Agencies


This deal provides lifetime access to 10 Workspaces for $155.6only

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Note: Discount will be active from 21st to 27th November 2022

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