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What is Domain Monitor?

  • Domain monitoring involves using software to automatically detect when domains that include your company name, or look extremely similar to it, are registered.
  • Many organizations register the common variants of their domain (.net, .co, .io), etc but there are thousands of top-level domains, and registering them all can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive.
  • That’s where domain monitoring software comes in.
  • Domain monitoring software (either standalone or part of a unified DRP platform) can automatically alert you when new or lookalike domains are created that include your company information.
  • This can quickly tip you off to potential spear-phishing campaigns, typo-squatting, and other cyberattacks that could cost you time and money.
  • Thousands of domains are registered or dropped every day, and it can be challenging to stay informed.
  • DomainTools monitors do the heavy lifting for you, tracking many different kinds of information and sending you alerts as soon as changes are detected.
  • Your investigations and domain management will benefit from our automated monitoring and alerting, available to all Personal and Enterprise members.
  • Domain Monitor is a service allowing users to monitor the registration status of domains.
  • The service alerts you via email to when monitored domains are nearing expiration and when they change status.
  • Domain Monitor lets you keep a watchful eye on your domains…or anyone else’s! Expiration dates, status changes – just enter the domain names you want to monitor and the tool will notify you about crucial changes to registration on an ongoing basis. 


  • Domain monitoring is a fundamental part of any brand protection program that involves tracking the registration of domains that have slight variation or permutation of the target company name or brand.
  • This can include a spelling error, switched characters, or additional keywords added to the domain name.
  • It may even not have a similar domain name, but the contents of the site are visually similar. 
  • Impersonating domains are subsequently used for phishing attacks, BEC campaigns, and for selling counterfeit goods.
  • Left undetected, these domains can lead to data breaches, credential theft, significant brand and reputational damage, and loss of revenue.


  • Get notified when your domain is about to expire so you can stay in control.
  • Rest assured that all of your domain details are in one safe, easy-to-access place!
  • Get alerted faster when your website goes down and spend less time worrying about your website’s uptime.
  • Get alerted when your SSL certificate is about to expire. Keep your website safe and secure.
  • Best for: Anyone who wants to rest easy at night knowing that their domain and website are being monitored 24/7
  • Choose from several notification channels, including: email, web, SMS, and Slack
  • Best forDevelopers,IT/security agencies and SaaS
  • Alternative to StatusCake andUptimeRobot


  • Monitor tracks domains in .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, and .us for impending expiration or for changes in status
  • Email alerts tell you when monitored domains are approaching expiration, or when other parameters such as registrar or domain status change
  • Dashboard allows you to organize your monitored domains in portfolios and quickly review Whois records and the availability of the domain name in other TLDs
  • 1-min monitor checks
  • Cron monitoring
  • Custom HTTP monitor methods
  • Historical reporting features
  • Custom domain expiration alert period
  • White-labelled status pages


  • Some advantages of using Domain Monitor include the ability to keep tabs on changes to a domain’s assigned Registrar, domain status or dates associated with the domain.
  • If email notifications or RSS feeds are turned on, Domain Monitor will send you alerts when the domain’s registration status, dates or Registrar changes in order for you to take appropriate action.


  • Monitor domain registrations relating to your brand name.
  • Keep track of registrations in more than 1,000 top level domains.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to register desirable domains.


This deal providing lifetime access forHTTP monitor authentication for $49.95only

Domain Monitor lifetime pricing plans

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