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What is InstaWP ?

As the brand name suggests, it is a tool that allows you to create a WP site instantly. It seems like a normal tool but works like an absolute needle, the need of which can’t be replaced with a sword. It works best for the purpose for which it has been developed and solves the problems not only of developers but also the clients who are very impatient and want to see progress every now and then.

  • Just click on the add new button on the home page
  • Choose the WP version that you want for your new site
  • Choose the PHP version you want
  • Choose a configuration setting. (you can manage configurations from the configurations menu of InstaWP)
  • Choose a site name, manually or you can also generate a name or keep it black for instant random site
  • Choose the expiry time for your site
  • Finally, click the “Create Site” button to start the process and wait for a few seconds and you will get the credentials, an email and the site will be added to your managed sites list in the dashboard.


InstaWP is a lightning-fast WordPress spin-up tool to speed up your workflow. It launches a site in less than a second!


  • InstaWP is a lightning-fast WordPress spin-up tool to speed up your workflow
  • Thousands of clients are using InstaWP to launch a site in less than a second
  • Showcase your product demos, integrate CI/CD to run automated tests, use it for teaching, or just for playing around
  • Best for: Freelancers, professionals, agencies, enterprises, and more


One-Click Website Creation

InstaWP gives anyone the ability to create websites with a few clicks and save time. You need to provide/choose the WP version, PHP version, configuration, Site name, and Expiry and your site is launched instantly.

Manage Domains

With InstaWP, you can manage all your testing domains in one place. You can easily create new ones, delete old ones, set tags, view time to expire, enter into the Database editor, view logs, and much more.

No Need to Remember the Passwords for Various Testing Websites

With InstaWP you can manage your sites in one place and can auto Login with just a one-click. As such, you can work on multiple testing sites without a fuss and never have to worry about remembering the Passwords for your testing websites.

Free SSL Certification

With InstaWP you don’t have to worry about installing an SSL certificate either. It is automatically installed and you can instantly have access to the site at HTTPS.

Easy to Migrate

You can easily migrate your website from InstaWP to your preferred web hosting solution such as Kinsta, Bluehost, WPengine, Godaddy, DreamHost, A2hosting, or any other hosting.

Database Editor

There are always possibilities that you have to access the database to do some bulk changes, edit the records, or whatnot. As such, InstaWP doesn’t disappoint you can give access to the database for all your domains created with them.

Code Editor

Code Editor is really an impressive feature of InstaWP. In fact, many people create websites on Localhost, because they can then easily use Visual Studio Code, Atom, or any other code editors to edit the files.

Private and Shared Templates

You can easily create the template to enhance productivity in creating new sites. It is even possible to make them shared so that any other person can leverage the settings. Shared templates are highly useful. You can create 1 template in the free plan.

Map Domain

Yes, you got that right. You can easily map the domains however this feature is restricted and is available only for paid users.

Easy Deployment

This feature is a real boon for plugin and theme testers, as they can connect their plugin/theme to existing Git repos (from any git provider such as Github, Bitbucket, etc) to InstaWP.

Quick Support

Support is truly amazing and they are very responsive. However, this part of the product is highly variable. Although, you can expect quick responses.

I jumped to the chat screen to test the responsiveness of the support and guess what, I got an answer even before I submitted the email.

  • Choose any PHP version & WP version to quickly spin up a site.
  • In-built code editor, DB Editor, log viewer, password-less login.
  • Free sub-domains & free SSL, built inside the platform.
  • Map custom domain, access FTP, SSH with WP-CLI support.
  • Save as template and spin new sites off the template.
  • Create product sandboxes, e.g or
  • Git integration – for testing & automation. Github actions.
  • Chrome & Slack integration. 1-click plugin/theme testing.
  • Auto-install a set of plugins, themes and set default PHP values.
  • Export or migrate your sites to a number of hosting providers.

InstaWP is a powerful workflow automation tool for every WP professional. It’s a must-have tool in your arsenal.


Asana, Elementor, Local, Patchstack, and PrettyWP


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