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Founded Year: 2021

Country: Malta

DA :22

Parent Company: AIRO Ltd

Having a seamlessly functioning website is important for gaining business. Online presence on its own is a bare minimum. As soon as there is an issue your teams need to be alerted immediately so that action can be taken to have the website online again.

Netumo is a powerful domain tracking & website uptime monitoring tool that reports you provides all the tools you need from one location.


  • Keep track of your Domains, Websites &  SSL certificates from one app
  • Alternative to: Uptime Robot, Pingdom
  • Get instant notifications on Failure, Zero False Positives via Email & Slack
  • Best Suited for: Marketing Professionals, IT Administrators, Website Owners & Agencies


Be notified on Domain Registration Expiry

Netumo is able to fetch the domain details and let you know when these are about to expire.

Forget logging into all the different consoles and managing your domains.

Are your websites/hosts available?

Easy monitoring of your websites or internet hosts with instant alerting Email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, and Twitter when issues arise.

Each website is checked at the preset interval you specify. Netumo checks every minute to identify if there is an issue or not.

Availability Reports

Reports are useful to show to your clients or your service provider the uptime/downtime of the website.

Certificate Expiry Verification

Never let your SSL certificates expiry and go unnoticed again. All certificates expire after some time and it’s important to renew and install them on time.

With Netumo you get advanced warnings so that appropriate action can be taken.

HTML / Keyword Content Verification

Netumo confirms that the returned content matches a part of what is expected. When creating a monitor you specify what should be returned from the website and Netumo will confirm that indeed such content has been returned.


Start Managing Your Business with Netumo today with price starts from $29 for 100 Domains Tracked, 100 Websites Monitored with 20 Organization Members on a lifetime deal.

Plans and Features 

  • Unlimited Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Domain Registration Expiry Notifications
  • Unlimited Instant Alerts (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram & Twitter)
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Certificate Expiry Verification
  • HTML / Keyword Content Verification
  • False Positives & Timeouts
  • Log Data & Reports
  • Netumo Flood Protection
  • Network Tools
  • Webhooks (Coming soon)
  • Rest API (coming soon)
  • All integrations are included
  • Email & Phone Support
Netumo Lifetime deal, one-time payment plans
Netumo LTD latest pricing plans

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