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Prioritizing what to develop next inside your product is hard.

ProductLift is a new tool for product & marketing teams that solves these problems by letting you prioritize your roadmap in real-time with live user feedback, create changelogs, sharing your roadmap, and see an overview of everything that has been developed so far.


  • Collect feedback in the product feature voting board & roadmap in an ultra-flexible tool.
  • Announce product updates with a changelog & automatically notify people when you release a feature.
  • Prioritize features with confidence with a clear prioritization board that ties to your outcomes and objectives.
  • Alternative to Airfocus, Upvoty, Canny, Productboard & Hellonext.


Unify Feedback From Forums, Social Media, Email, And More

Collect customer input on your product. Let customers request new features or add them yourself. Receive votes on each feature and add comments. Learn from your users.

Prioritize Features With Data-Backed Insights

Replace subjective guesswork with data-backed customer feedback. Use ProductLift to learn which product features are important within minutes.

Set up your own flexible prioritization criteria and see what to build next inside the prioritization graph.

Have Feature-Focused Conversations

Figure out the why behind feature requests so you can spend more time on creative problem solving rather than just implementing what customers tell you they want or need!

Add internal comments only visible to your team members to discuss internally what you think of the feedback.

Develop And Communicate Your Product Roadmap

Get everyone on the same page with your product roadmap. Categorize approved features into a well-planned, organized list.

Get your roadmap set up, organized, prioritized, and grouped. When ready, publish it online and invite customers to follow the features they like.

Communicate Product Improvements

Automatically email updates for new features that customers love. Keep interested users informed. Keep and share a changelog of new developments.


ProductLift is the most adaptable and flexible product management software available today with starting price $49.


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