RangeFlow – Automate Your Cold Email Outreach From Your Google Sheets & Gmail!

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What is RangeFlow?

Rangeflow automatically detects invalid and duplicate emails while filtering out any prospects previously contacted. – This means that your recipients will not receive any unsolicited emails from bots.Rangeflow queues and sends emails from your Google Sheet in a similar way that you would send them manually.


RangeFlow is an email outreach tool that can be used for creating any cold email-based outreach campaign. Using Google Sheets and Gmail, you can easily create custom templates, add recipients, and track your results. You can also use RangeFlow to segment your recipients by geography, company size, or other relevant factors. With this tool, you’ll be able to create targeted campaigns that will reach the people you want to reach!

Google Sheets is a powerful tool that can be extremely helpful to your business. By understanding how it works and using its various features, you can save time and make better decisions. In this article, we’ll give you a brief overview of how Google Sheets works, and then show you some tips and tricks that will help you work more efficiently.

We’ll also cover some common questions and problems that business owners encounter, and provide solutions that will make using Google Sheets easier. So read on to learn everything you need to know about Google Sheets!


  • RangeFlow is an easy-to-use email outreaching tool that can automate your outreaching using Google Sheets and Gmail. 
  • Alternative to Firstsales.io, Gmass, Lemlist, YAMM, WoodPecker, Saleshandy.
  • Easy to use, fits right inside your google sheet and is affordable. 


Email Monitoring

Response Management

Best For

Account Executive, Sales Manager, Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Demand Generation, Business Development, Sales Director, VP Sales, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Sales Officer


This deal provides lifetime access to 9000 emails per month (300 emails per day) for $0 only

RangeFlow lifetime pricing plans

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