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What is Stomio?

Stomio is a SaaS platform that is changing the game when it comes to beta testing during product development. As a next-gen beta management platform for B2B product teams, Stomio enables users to 10x the feedback from their customers at half the cost of traditional methods. This one-stop beta testing platform is designed to dramatically increase the engagement rate of beta testers and reduce overhead for product teams.

The name Stomio may refer to a town in Larissa regional unit, Greece or a village in Lasithi regional unit, Greece, but when it comes to product development, it refers to an innovative solution that streamlines the process and helps companies get out of their beta testing phase with ease. With Stomio, product teams can confidently launch their products knowing they have received extensive feedback and made all necessary improvements before going live.


Are you tired of struggling with beta testing during your product development process? Look no further than Stomio, the next-gen beta management platform designed specifically for B2B product teams like yours. With Stomio, you can receive 10x the feedback from your customers while cutting costs in half. This one-stop beta testing platform is optimized to increase engagement rates among beta testers and streamline the entire process for your product team.

Plus, with a name inspired by Greek towns known for their strength and resilience, you can trust that Stomio will help your team power through any obstacles during your product development journey. So why wait? Try out Stomio today and see the results for yourself!


  • Stomio is a SaaS platform that helps B2B product teams manage their beta testing phase more efficiently and capture customer feedback at scale. It enables you to create strong feedback loops and successful product launches.
  • Similar to: Centercode, Sprig, UserTesting
  • Intuitive UI and UX, easy-to-use platform, very stable. 
  • Best for Solopreneurs, SMEs, CXOs, and Agencies looking for an efficient beta testing & feedback platform for their B2B product teams.


Flow Builder: 

No-code flow builder that combines instructions and feedback questions. With flow builder, product teams can design a unique flow for their customers to follow and probe for feedback when they are experiencing their product.


Comms is a fully featured ticketing system that enables deeper interaction between the product team and their customers. With Comms, product teams can perform any of the below modes of communication with their customers.


The analysis engine surfaces raw customer feedback as they go through their flow. It also captures important data about their behavior.

Security Compliant:

Stomio’s databases are built with multi-layer security, including encrypted passwords and strict firewall settings. Integrations are authorized securely with OAuth2, and user credentials are not stored for those services and more.


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