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What is wpDataTables?

  • WPDataTables is a popular WordPress table plugin used to quickly create tables & table charts from Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, PHP and other data sources.
  • Use our WP table plugin to represent vast amounts of complicated data in concise, user-friendly way using tables or charts.
  • WPDataTables is a premium plugin that lets you quickly create responsive tables, graphs, and charts for your WordPress pages.
  • You can take advantage of advanced features like responsive design, conditional formatting, and multi-criteria filtering, then just publish the table on your post or page.
  • Let you merge cells, style each cell differently, add star ratings to cells, and so much more.
  • Create simple tables in the wpDataTables plugin that let you merge cells, style each cell differently, and even add star ratings.
  • WPDataTables supports MySQL query, Google Sheets, PHP array, JSON, and XML input sources.
  • You can easily edit tables from both the WordPress back-end and front-end and control user permissions to view or edit table data on a published page.


  • wpDataTables is designed to make the process of data representation and interaction quick, easy and effective.
  • Automatically sync previously created, published, and shared Google Sheets in wpDataTables with the Google Sheets API.
  • Effortlessly turn any WordPress table into a graph or chart!


  • Build responsive, fully customizable tables, charts, and graphs for your WordPress posts or pages
  • Customize your table with premium features like responsiveness, conditional formatting, multi-criteria filtering, and more
  • Edit tables on the frontend and backend, plus give users permission to view or edit table data
  • Best for: Businesses and freelancers that want an easy way to showcase data on their WordPress site


  • Monthly updates
  • Unlimited tables and charts
  • Customizable tables
  • Merge cells
  • Elementor integration (and all other integrations)
  • Responsive design
  • Conditional formatting
  • Sorting and multi-criteria filtering
  • Multiple separate database connections
  • Pre-filtering tables through URL
  • Calculating totals for columns
  • Creating and editing charts using the chart creation wizard
  • Google Charts, Highcharts, Chart.js
  • Following table filtering in charts
  • Grouping similar rows in charts


Ninja Tables, TablePress, Visualizer, WP Table Builder, Posts Table Pro, and League Table.


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