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You don’t have all the time in the world to consume & organize tons of content you browse everyday, either.

Yizy helps you save the screenshots & links of your favorite pages, and comment on websites & web designs in one go.


  • Automatically grab the CSS code & Colour palette from any website
  • Alternative to: Klart, UsePastel
  • Make annotations & share the feedback with your clients / designers & developers
  • Best suited for: Web Designers, Web Developers, Creative Agencies

You can get started by installing their Chrome / Edge Extension.

And start surfing the web, like you normally do. When you stumble upon an interesting website click the Yizy extension & take a screenshot of the page you’re at. Yizy will then grab the CSS code, colour palette, page title etc. from the screenshot.

Yizy also notes down the date & time you’ve stored the screenshots in your account, so you would easily know the ones that are outdated & no longer useful to you.

And, you can also annotate any web page with Yizy’s browser extension & share your feedback with your clients, your designers & developers.

You no longer need to send emails back & forth, trying to explain the same thing again and again.

Yizy is built to save you at least 5-10 hours of your time every week & avoid bookmark cluttering once and for all.


Spend your time researching the web, more effectively with Yizy. Get Yizy with initial price only $19.


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Price: $19

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