DevOps Trainer – Technical Trainer

is seeking experienced DevOps Trainers to join their team. This is a remote position, allowing trainers to work from anywhere in the world.

As a DevOps Trainer, you will be responsible for training learners on various technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, AWS, Azure, Nagios, Jenkins, Puppet, Terraform, Ansible, and more. You will play a crucial role in helping learners develop their skills and knowledge in these areas.

To be successful in this role, you should have 4-10 years of experience in technical training. You should have a strong understanding of release management, scripting (Bash Scripting, Power Shell scripting), CI/CD frameworks, build tools, operating systems (Linux, Windows), and various DevOps tools.

Desirable qualifications include experience in programming languages such as Java or Python, knowledge of web servers, application servers, databases, and experience with Azure/AWS Cloud, VMs, containers, and container orchestration.

In addition to technical skills, you should have excellent communication and content building skills. You should be passionate about training, mentoring, and coaching freshers. Prior experience in a training service delivery environment and the ability to influence key decision makers are also desirable competencies.

Working with EnthuZiastic offers several benefits, including the opportunity to be part of a dynamic growth-focused tech startup. You will have access to great learning opportunities to develop new skills and understanding of cutting-edge software tools and processes. Additionally, you will have the chance to work closely with serial tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. The company also promotes a fun-loving environment, caring teammates, and an inclusive culture.

If you are enthusiastic about DevOps training and have the necessary qualifications and competencies, this remote position with EnthuZiastic could be the perfect fit for you.

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