Senior Infrastrcuture Engineer

Cloud Backbone – Senior Infrastructure Engineer


Maersk is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the growth of our business, rethinking the way we engage with customers and partners, and revolutionizing how global trade flows across our network. From farm to refrigerator, or factory to wardrobe, we are developing in-house solutions that meet customer needs across the entire supply chain. As a global leader in container logistics, Maersk is embarking on an industry-defining digital transformation, and we’re looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to join us on this journey. In this role, you will play a crucial part in our success, leveraging the latest technologies and working with a diverse, ambitious team of 3000 people within Maersk Technology.


– Be a key driver and collaborator in a fundamental shift in designing and architecting our cloud infrastructure
– Deliver a highly scalable and reliable product in collaboration with your team
– Derive innovative solutions to complex problems
– Run solutions in a cost-optimized manner
– Build and operate a cloud runtime to support running 12-factor microservices, in line with our developer platform
– Design a future runtime for workloads at Maersk, leveraging strong foundational skills in networking, compute, storage, and cloud technologies
– Run all developer platform components in a highly reliable and scalable architecture


– Proven background in designing and delivering complex, high-performance, highly-available solutions at scale
– Ability to define and own high-level architecture designs and technology roadmap, with associated release goals
– Creative problem solver with an innovative approach to projects and issue resolution
– Strong experience in networking, compute, storage, and cloud technologies
– Experience in automation, infrastructure, and development
– Familiarity with Git, Github Actions, Opensource CI/CD, API, CLI, process orchestration, Java, and experience with open-source technologies
– Experience with cloud container orchestration using Docker/Kubernetes
– Strong understanding and usage/administration of Kubernetes, with preference for Kubernetes CKA/CKAD certification
– Good understanding of microservice-based architectures and composability
– Strong communication skills, solid work ethic, and a desire to write production-quality code
– Test-Driven Development approach
– Proven leadership skills
– Customer-focused mindset
– Good communication skills

Preferred Skills:

– Experience with Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud
– Familiarity with infrastructure components (DNS, CDN, Cloud Networking, Cloud Interconnect, Subscription/VPC Peering, Subnetting)
– Proficiency in Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
– Experience designing and implementing scalable cloud infrastructures using Kubernetes (preferably AKS)
– Familiarity with infrastructure open-source technologies (Consul, Vault, Temporal, Kubernetes, Envoy, Kuma, Istio, Prometheus, Grafana)
– Programming experience in Golang, Terraform, or Java
– Demonstrable high levels of integrity
– Process understanding

At Maersk, we value diversity and inclusivity. We believe in creating a culture where everyone feels at home, regardless of gender, generation, culture, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or perspective. We encourage innovation and empower our teams to share new ways of thinking. We are excited for you to join our team and be a part of the adventure ahead.

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