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The Embedded Firmware Development Engineer is responsible for designing and implementing firmware solutions for embedded systems, collaborating with the product design team, and ensuring the reliability and functionality of the developed firmware through rigorous testing and validation processes.

Key Responsibilities:

Understand project requirements and translate them into firmware specifications, ensuring alignment with product goals and objectives.

Update system architecture designs to accommodate new features, optimize performance, and enhance scalability.

Develop communication protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, BLE/BT to facilitate seamless interaction between embedded components.

Conduct unit testing to validate individual firmware components, identifying and rectifying any defects or inconsistencies.

Perform integration testing to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of various firmware modules within the embedded system.

Facilitate application testing to assess the overall functionality and usability of the embedded firmware in real-world scenarios.

Coordinate User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions to gather feedback from stakeholders and incorporate necessary improvements.

Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including hardware engineers and quality assurance personnel, to achieve project objectives.

Document firmware design specifications, test plans, and validation results to maintain comprehensive project records and facilitate knowledge sharing.

Stay abreast of emerging technologies and industry trends in embedded systems development, contributing to continuous innovation and improvement initiatives.


Expected Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Good technical aptitude and communication skills.

Good problem-solving abilities.

Fluent in English. Multilingual is preferable.

Ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams.

Good presentation skills.

Should be able to travel for business purposes.

Proficiency in Python, C, and C++ programming languages.

Ability to read and understand electronic circuits.

Familiarity with embedded development boards.

Knowledge of GitHub, TI and Microchip controllers, communication protocols (UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, BLE/BT).

Knowledge of electronics systems, electrical systems, embedded architectures, and and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

Expected Qualification:

Completed Bachelor or Master degree with minimum 7.0 CGPA in one of the below disciplines:

Computer Science

Information Technology

Electronics and Communication

Electrical and Electronics

Freshers are eligible to apply

Maximum total experience should not exceed 1 year.


Salary: INR 25,000/month for Bachelors degree holders and INR 30,000/month for Master degree holders in the first 6 months probation period.

After probation, industry standard salary package will be paid.

Employees are exposed to emerging technology solutions.

There is rapid growth opportunity.

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