21 Days Lockdown challenge


COVID19 aka Corona virus is everywhere in ears, mind, sleep if not in the air. That is because our minds are blank and pretty much occupied with those horrifying news.
Leaving aside the reason, stats, conspiracy stories against china (China’s conspiracies against the world), there is plenty of other things we can do to our self to become super human out of ourselves.

The Indian govt. announced the lockdown of 21 days till April 15th 2020.

Underlining the critical importance of ‘social distancing’, the PM said that if India’s 1.3 billion people did not practise social distancing and broke the chain of Covid-19’s spread in the next 21 days, the virus’ outbreak could push the country back by 21 years, leaving the country and many families devastated forever.

As we’re in the situation of lockdown (nothing but sit at home mandatory holidays), there is no exception for anyone in this.

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There is no need to panic (in India the situation is under control as of now) but you must take precautions to disconnect the spreading chain of the deadly virus. If you break the chain, you’re not only saving yourself but also your family, neighbours upto 1000 people as the spreading ratio is 1:1000.

Stock markets are crashing, companies are losing profits, laying off people, businesses are affected, what can you do now?
Now Polices roaming on the roads, Medicos are staying the hospitals, Governments are taking measures, corporates, celebrities are doing monetary help and emergency service people are working day and night without much rest. What can you do the best is being indoor and staying safe.
There is only and the best way is keeping yourself ready for the future either best( or worst ). Once we overcome this epidemic scenario, Markets will rocket, businesses start booming, companies start re-hiring and we will be there ready for any challenge.

What can you do at your home? How can you utilize this time for the best of you?

So, invest in yourself (I’m not stock market expert to advice you in that direction), learn something in any available form be it online, from elders, youngsters, through house-hold work like cooking, gardening whatever it is. Never sit idle, it is not good for physical health as well as mental health.
Hence, there is only way forward.

Health - Key Points

Follow the health instructions provided by doctors, govts and follow social distancing. Because Prevention is always better than the curing.

Please refer the Indian govt website and World health Organization website for situation reports across the world.
Especially in this situation, when curing is not available.
Assess yourself COVID-19 virus effect on you and know more about it with the help of Apollo 24X7 chat bot.
The app has a bot which asks the user his/her age, gender, what types of ailments one is suffering from and advises whether to visit a hospital. It, however, states that its analysis “should not be taken as medical advice”. It also tells you whether you should get a scan done or not.

Follow the Diet Plans by Apollo Pharmacy

Prefer vegetarian diet and diet which helps you improve your immunity power.

Improve Physical Strength - Get Fit

Practice Yoga

This is the best time to practice Yoga. The world is practicing and getting the best of their body. You would have been thinking to practice regularly but not able to commit yourself to it.
This is best time to do Yoga and become the best of yourself.

Do Home Workouts

Can do other home workouts like waling/jogging if you’ve treadmill or swimming if you’ve pool available (Using the common pool is highly risk).

Skipping, lifting weights if you’re used to it, other basic exercises like push-ups and pull-ups are pretty good.

House-hold Work

Try to spend time on home-gardening or house clean-up or decoration to engage you in some creative and interesting work. These give positive vibrations, take you closer to your family and nature.

Weight Loss

If it is on cards to lose some extra fat, then get it done with the home remedies available. Stun the people with you fresh appearance.

There so many videos, courses, training available in the internet to lose weight but follow the tried and trusted course to avoid unnecessary complications later.

Reading Books

If you’re an avid book reader then it is not required to tell you to start reading because you already would have started. Start reading books even if you’re not regular reader. This is the best time to make new good habits.
Check this Good Reads app about book reading.


If you’ve good access to internet and a laptop or PC (Everybody have access to these, after all they became basic necessities these days). then probably learn something new from online courses.

You can get your hands dirty with web technologies.

There are lot of tremendous resources for learning like Coursera, UnAcademy, SkillJet.io etc.

Trying hands at Art

Art always makes you better person in terms of emotion. Try your hands at poetry, painting, music or whatever you had in your soul from long. Remember you may never get this opportunity to re-invent yourself.

Meditation - Soul Purification

Our country and its culture has given lot of gifts to the world and humanity. Meditation is one of the popular among others Yoga, Ayurveda etc. Purify your soul and know more about yourself with the help of meditation.
You’ve heard and seen lot of best people across industries saying they benefited from Yoga and meditation, but you haven’t immersed yourself into it. The time has come for you to take action.
You can read Shree MadhBhagavadGita which helps you build your personality,inner strength and also connects you to the path of spirituality.

Brainstorm Ideas / Work on Projects

This the generation of problem solvers and we can see problems every where for ex. This COVID-19 virus. If you can make the testing process easier and cheaper this helps the world a lot (you can see few of our brave Indians are already on the same path, get inspired by them).

If you’re a techie, you can build a software to help track, analyse etc. like Apollo bot along with other Medico friends.

Or you can work on the projects you’ve in the mind with the help of virtual tools communication tools like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom etc.

Voluntary work / NGO [Update]

You can work with some NGOs or even on your own with proper approvals to distribute food/medicines/basic necessities to the stranded, police, medicos or even animals in your locality.
Difficult times makes an ordinary man a hero. I’m saying again these times helps you to re-discover yourself.

News for those who want to provide service, Indian Government launched COVID-19 Volunteer program.

Register as volunteer for fight against CORONA Virus.

What are you planning to do, let us know in the comments and spread the god ideas?

Whatever you do not forget to take care of yourself and follow the Govt. instructions.

Let’s become stronger and fight this together to build a better, healthier, stronger yourself and the nation.

Jai Hind.

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