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I have curated some best Tools & Deals for Digital Marketing Agencies and re-launching them on Product Hunt.
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This time again, I have found a few new tools and some solid tools.
Hence sharing this with you, let me know your thoughts on these tools.

Tools can be filtered with the below options

  • Multiple Users
  • Sub-accounts
  • Whitelabel
  • Custom Domain (CNAME)
  • Workspaces
  • Unlimited Domains
  • API / Webhooks
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Apps
  • Chrome Extension
  • Multiple Websites

The list contains

  • WordPress plugins
  • Web Builders
  • CRM
  • Project Management tools
  • Email marketing
  • Automation
  • E-Commerce
  • Shopify plugins
  • AI Content generators
  • Social Media management
  • & more

            WordPress Tools


            Top free & Pro Theme & another suite of plugins.
            Alternative To: Kadence WP.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $47

            Piotnet Gird

            Easily grid, and filter your posts, terms, and everything in intuitive ways.
            Alternative To: FacetWP, WP Grid Builder.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $83

            WP Grid Builder

            Build advanced grid layouts with the real-time faceted search for your eCommerce, blog, portfolio, and more.
            Alternative To: FacetWP.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $104.3

            Piotnet Forms

            Piotnet Forms is Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder.
            Alternative To: Fluent Forms, Gravity Forms, and HappyForms.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $245


            PAFE provides abundant features to support commercial circles, from products and services.
            Alternative To: Better Uptime, Instatus, Statuspal.io, Upptime, Cachet, Statping, Statusfy.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $83

            Piotnet Bricks

            Piotnet Bricks is a beginner-friendly plugin, itโ€™s user-friendly and a simple, fast way to get started with Bricks.
            Alternative To: BricksExtras.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $72

            Bricks Builder

            A Faster, More Customizable & Performant Tool To Visually Design Your Entire Site.
            Alternative To: Elementor, Divi, Nicepage, Oxygen Builder.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $249


            InstaWP is a lightning-fast WordPress spin-up tool to speed up your workflow.
            Alternative To: db editor, code editor, WP-CLI.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $90


            Crocoblock – Great suite of Jet plugins and Elementor widgets in WP.
            Alternative To: ACF Pro, WP Amelia.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $699

            Automation, WordPress Tool


            Connect your WordPress plugins and external apps in a few clicks using FlowMattic.Move data between apps and your site effortlessly by automating workflows, so you can focus on growing your business!
            Alternative To: Pabbly Connect, Zapier, Uncanny Automator, PFusion, SureTriggers.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME), API / Webhooks, Integrations, Multiple Websites.
            Price: $249

            WordPress, Backup, Security Tools


            One of the best WordPress Backup & Migration plugins.
            Alternative To: Updraft Plus.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $99

            Hide My WP ghost

            Protect your WordPress site against hacker bots and spammers.
            Alternative To: WP Hide & Security Enhancer.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel, Multiple Websites.
            Price: $59

            WordPress, Membership Tool


            SureMembers is a lightweight WordPress-based membership plugin made by the team at SureCrafted, who also make SureCart and SureTriggers.
            Alternative To: Memberships Pro, Ultimate Member.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites, API / Webhooks.
            Price: $99

            WordPress, Affiliate Tool

            Solid Affiliate

            Start an affiliate program for your WooCommerce store in minutes.
            Alternative To: SEO Affiliate Domination, The Authority Site System.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $499

            WordPress, SEO, AI Tools

            Squirrly SEO

            Rank up your WordPress site with data-driven SEO goals from an AI consultant.
            Alternative To: Ahrefs, SurferSEO, Yoast.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $69


            Rank Math helps you get ranked higher by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of a featured Position.
            Alternative To: Yoast Premium, SEOPress Pro, Squirrly SEO.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $399


            Improve your ranking& your traffic now!
            Alternative To: Yoast Premium, RankMath Pro, Squirrly SEO.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $99

            WordPress, Web Builder Tools

            Greenshift WP

            Get maximum power and functionality within All one Pack. Animation, Query, and dynamic fields.
            Alternative To: Cwicly.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel.
            Price: $59.99

            Kadence WP

            Create Beautifully Effective WordPress Sites with Ease!
            Alternative To: Astra, Hitek.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $131.4

            Chatbot, Social Media, AI Tools

            SocialNowa Chatbot

            SocialNowa Chatbot helps you build automated chat flows to engage more leads on social media, as well as scheduling social media posts.
            Alternative To: Chatrace, ManyChat, BotBaba, UChat.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME), API / Webhooks, Integrations, Sub-accounts.
            Price: $69


            Social Media Automations and Insights – Hootsuite + Canva + Copy.ai.
            Alternative To: Publer, Canva, Hootsuite, Jasper.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Whitelabel, Workspaces, Integrations, API / Webhooks.
            Price: $59

            Creatives, Social Media Tools


            Top-class Cloud graphic design tool.
            Alternative To: Vista Create, Adobe Photoshop, affinity.
            Agency Features: Apps, Team / Users.
            Price: $366.6


            A place for creatives.
            Alternative To: Renderforest, Smart Mockups, Canva.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $1.97

            Envato Elements

            Elements open up a world of creative possibilities for all your design projects.
            Alternative To: CreativeMarket, MOJOMarketplace, TemplateMonster, Vecteezy, 99Designs.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $5.38

            Email Marketing, Social Media, Automation Tools


            VBOUT is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that helps you convert leads and nurture campaigns at scale using powerful analysis and targeting tools.
            Alternative To: Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, ActiveDEMAND, HubSpot.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Sub-accounts, API / Webhooks, Integrations.
            Price: $79

            Marketing Master

            Chatbots to Emails, SMS to Social Media, MarketingMaster has got you covered 360 degrees.
            Alternative To: BotBaba, MailChimp, WooCommerce, Restream, Publer.
            Agency Features: Custom Domain (CNAME), Team / Users, Sub-accounts.
            Price: $67


            Acumbamail lets you build email campaigns that drive traffic to customized, responsive landing pages, so you can grow your business.
            Alternative To: MailChimp, SendinBlue, ActiveCampaign.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $79

            Email Management Tools

            Vend Email

            The all-in-one tool to find and research local businesses for lead generation.
            Alternative To: Toast POS, TouchBistro, Square, Miva Merchant, Clover.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $79

            Mutant Mail

            Never miss an important email again! Manage all your email IDs in one inbox with our Email Router.
            Alternative To: Outlook OST viewer, Covideo, Outlook4Gmail.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $29

            AI, Research Tools

            CrawlQ Ai

            CrawlQ delivers high-emotional, high-empathy, high-ROI, audience-centric creative work with global reach.
            Alternative To: Jasper, MarketMuse, Frase, SurferSEO, Sparktoro.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Workspaces, Sub-accounts.
            Price: $156


            Branalyzer is an AI-based all-in-one tool that allows obtaining detailed information on brands.
            Alternative To: SEMRush, UberSuggest.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel, Integrations.
            Price: $39

            Automation Tools

            Pabbly Connect

            Pabbly Connect is an automated workflow solution that automates and manages complex information for your business.
            Alternative To: Cleo Integration Cloud Cleo, Connex Sync with Connex, HubSpot Operations Hub HubSpot.
            Agency Features: API / Webhooks, Team / Users.
            Price: $249


            All the automation tools you need – HexoWatch, HexoMatic, HexoSpark, HexoMeter.
            Alternative To: Pabbly Connect, Uptime Robot, TexAu, Instantly.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites, API / Webhooks, Team / Users.
            Price: $395

            Robomotion RPA

            Automate repetitive and data-intensive manual tasks with easy-to-use RPA bots.
            Alternative To: UiPath RPA, Rocketbot, Blue Prism.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $99

            Productivity, feedback Tools

            Nimbus Note

            All-in-one suite – Notes, Screencasting, Tasks, Chat.
            Alternative To: Notion, Berrycast.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME), Apps.
            Price: $169


            Betafi is one space for all things product research related, from validating the need for your product to feedback on your MVP, theyโ€™ve got you covered.
            Alternative To: Sprig, Iterate, and UX Database.
            Agency Features: Apps, Team / Users.
            Price: $49

            Video, Screencasting Tools


            Vmaker is a handy tool to create Product Demos, Instructional videos, Asynchronous communication, record meetings, and record training videos or classroom lectures seamlessly.
            Alternative To: Berrycast, Loom, Vidyard, Camtasia, Bandicam, Snagit.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $49

            Komodo Decks

            Komodo Decks is a user-friendly screencasting solution that lets you create and share HD video demos, walkthrough, and more.
            Alternative To: Berrycast, Loom, VMaker, Nimbus.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Unlimited Storage, Apps.
            Price: $19


            VidTags video hosting and marketing platform leverage advance in AI technology to get you more views, longer watch times, better engagement, and sales.
            Alternative To: Rev.
            Agency Features: Custom domains.
            Price: $59

            CRM, Project Management Tools


            ClientJoy has been built with the purpose to revolutionize traditional business systems.
            Alternative To: Yalla Yalla, Scoro Scoro, HelmBot HelmBot, Forecast Forecast.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel.
            Price: $129


            Quickly share project information, assets, and tasks on a customizable client portal.
            Alternative To: FileInvite, MyBoardPacket, InfinCE.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $69


            Unify your business processes with a comprehensive project and customer management platform.
            Alternative To: Connecteam, monday.com, J ira Software, Wrike, Smartsheet,nTask, Odoo, Hubstaff.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $79

            Analytics, E-Commerce, Shopify Tools


            Generating traffic is hard, and converting them is even harder.
            Alternative To: HubSpot Marketing, Pardot, SE Ranking.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $89


            Omni-Channel Inventory Management & Reconciliation Software For eCommerce!
            Alternative To: DearSystems, Fishbowl, Veego, Inturn, Pointy, Unleashed.
            Agency Features: Integrations.
            Price: $49


            Customer Data & Engagement Platform With Email & SMS Automation.
            Alternative To: Klaviyo, Contlo, Growmatik, RetainIQ, Omnisend.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Integrations.
            Price: $49


            Minstein is an all-in-one advanced Shopify analytics and reporting platform that gives you data-driven actionable insights from Shopify, and Google.
            Alternative To: Blyp, Beprofit, Polaranalytics, Conversific, and Retentionx.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Integrations, Apps.
            Price: $49

            Short Links, Bio Tools


            Link stories on each post and create branded short links.
            Alternative To: Bitly, Switchy.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $9


            Reliable short-link service and bio page maker with 60+ integrations.
            Alternative To: Bitly, LinkJoy.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Custom Domain (CNAME), API / Webhooks, Integrations, Chrome Extension.
            Price: $39

            Content Marketing, AI Tools


            Use semantic recommendations to boost your SEO and plan high-ranking content.
            Alternative To: SurferSEO, MarketMuse, Frase.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $69


            Create SEO-friendly blog posts fast with an AI-powered writing assistant.
            Alternative To: Grammarly Business, Copymatic, RankIQ.
            Agency Features: Team/users.
            Price: $79


            Repurposing Video Contents Made Easy and Affordable!
            Alternative To: Prezi, Adobe Premiere Pro, G2, Deals, Camtasia, Simplified.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $97


            If I could just transform my brilliant ideas into SEO Optimized Blogs and Money-Sucking Irresistible Marketing Copy.
            Alternative To: Peppertype.ai, Jasper.ai, Anyword, Contentbot.
            Agency Features: Multiple Websites.
            Price: $297

            Mobile Apps Tool


            Turn your website into a user-friendly mobile app in minutes with an AI-powered app builder.
            Alternative To: AppSheet, Voiceflow, Amazon Honeycode.
            Agency Features: Apps.
            Price: $59

            Scheduling Tool


            Probooking.io was formed with aim of providing easy-to-use and efficient tools for small businesses.
            Alternative To: Calendly, Zcal.
            Agency Features: Apps, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $97

            Developer Tool


            Unique code, scripts, and plugins made by world-class creators.
            Alternative To: Zapier, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, G2 Deals, Integrately.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $0

            Domains, Hosting Tool


            Buy a domain and everything else you need.
            Alternative To: Hostinger,InterServer,Kinsta.
            Agency Features: Apps, Team / Users.
            Price: $14.88

            Forms Tools

            GoZen Forms

            Build unlimited online forms, surveys, and quizzes for any use case, code-free.
            Alternative To: TypeForm, Qwary.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $69


            Formly is the perfect solution to build custom digital forms and surveys to help your team collect richer data anytime, anywhereโ€ฆ even offline.
            Alternative To: Jotform, SurveySparrow, Typeform.
            Agency Features: Whitelabel.
            Price: $99

            Photography Tool


            Freedom from multiple clicks, zooming in and out of every photo.
            Alternative To: Photos, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic, G2 Deals, Google Photos.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Apps.
            Price: $49

            Web Builder, Landing Pages, Lead Generation Tools


            Way is an easy, drag-and-drop, component-ready platform to create beautiful and mobile-ready landing pages.
            Alternative To: SweetProcess, Compliance Bridge, Trainual.
            Agency Features: Integrations, Custom Domain (CNAME).
            Price: $39


            Leadinary tackles the huge task of finding, researching, and contacting local business leads.
            Alternative To: Tomba, Sales Rocks, Lemlist.
            Agency Features: Team / Users.
            Price: $79

            Real Estate Tool


            With Drawpoint, you can easily create beautiful, interactive maps and images without coding.
            Alternative To: EDraw Max, Lucidchart, SmartDraw.
            Agency Features: Team / Users, Apps.
            Price: $49

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