Click to filter best photos among 1000’s with AI photo culling – FilterPixel LIVE Demo, Giveaway

Wasting lot of time to select high-quality photos you captured albums? Then FilterPixel is the tool all you need.
The AI photo-culling software makes it easy to select the best photos using advanced filters and sorting options.

I would host Aayush Arora from FilterPixel. He shall showcase how can you save time on culling and make more room for events.

Date & Time: 28-11-2022 05:00 PM IST 05:30 AM CST


– How AI Photo culling works
– How to save time with FilterPixel

– Q & A

FilterPixel – Lifetime deal is LIVE on PitchGround
Check this


Manual & Auto Culling
Instant Export
Face Views
AI Sliders
Smart Filtering


2 X Plan A for 2 users

2 users walkaway with 1 X Plan A code each.

How to join & win

– Join our Facebook community
– Attend from inside group
– Subscribe to our YouTube channel
– Try to be active till the end
– Ask as many questions as possible
– Share your feedback

We / FilterPixel team select the winners based upon the relevant questions & feedback.



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