How to create amazing job Profile?


You’re actively looking for a job, updated profile in job search portals, uploaded resume and keep applying for jobs. You still keep doing the same for weeks but no progress seen or getting irrelevant job interview calls. I know how much frustrating it will be.

Let’s  discuss how to break into recruiter’s attention with your profile or CV or resume.


Resume search process goes as below.

  1. Recruiter search with keyword ex: API Testing
  2. Screen through the Resume/Profile headlines
  3. Open the relevant profiles/resumes
  4. Go through the profile/resume summary
  5. If it is relevant go through the entire profile otherwise Close
  6. Send email if your profile/resume is relevant to the job
Recruiters search for a keyword ex: API testing in the job portals like Naukri, Monster etc. They got lot of results as below


Attract with Informative headline

The keyword “API testing” should appear in your profile headline, and then there is better chance that your profile comes in the top search results. For that matter, do not stuff lots of keywords in the profile headline. It looks like spam and recruiter may not even have a second look on it.


Introduce yourself with Brief summary

Then write a better summary comprising your experience, skills, qualifications, preferred job role, job location, achievements, onsite work etc. By reading the summary itself, recruiter should understand your capability and motive.



My name is Krishna [Full Name], have been working as Test Engineer from 3.5 years. I am B.Tech graduate with specialization in Information Technology in 2018 from Malla Reddy College under JNTU Hyderabad. I have worked in Tokyo for a year with a Japanese client. I have good experience on Automation Testing, API testing, Selenium testing and have good knowledge on Java & SQL.


My name is Rama Krishna, completed my MCA in 2018 from Malla Reddy College under JNTU Hyderabad with 72%. My primary skills are Python, SQL and secondary skills are HTML, JavaScript & CSS. I was awarded with Best student of the year 2018 and lead the team of 8 members during academic project.

below is the good example of writing brief summary:


below is the bad example of writing brief summary:


Once you do write like above and impressed the recruiter, there is no 90% chance that you get call/mail from regarding the interview.


Use keywords in profile

Further, provide information by including keywords in your profile strategically, wherever they’re required. Do not just stuff keywords.

below is the bad example how not to stuff keywords in profile:



Remember the Key points

What to include in Job profile/CV/Resume:

  • Mention Organizations/clients you’ve worked with (can include simple logos too)
  • Tools you’ve learnt/worked
  • Trainings you did
  • Certifications you acquired (include Badge if available)
  • Position you’re aspiring for
  • Projects you’ve worked on
  • Roles and Responsibilities you handled
  • And any other information pertaining to job/career.

But what you should not include:

    No need to mention your personal details like
  • Parent’s name
  • Family details
  • House address
  • Gender
  • PAN Number
  • Bank account number
  • Or anything sensitive.

Because they do not have any impact on the job screening and this unnecessary information in the public domain is risky too.


Keep it neat and readable format

And last but not least, keep the Profile/CV/Resume neat and readable by the recruiter at a glance. Use generic, better appealing fonts, good font size and nice template with white/grey backgrounds.


Update the contact information

People do mistakes in hurry or even forget to give appropriate contact information in profile.

  • Do not do that mistake it may cost you your dream job.
    Double check your contact information.
  • Confirm whether you registered with DND on your contact number.
  • Regularly, check whether any important emails are going into spam folder.

I hope this helps you to land a better job soon.

Kindly share your feedback in the comments and share it to your friends.

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