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What is Berrycast?

  • Berrycast is a screen video recording app.
  • Simply hit record and share your BerryCast video link with your coworkers & clients.
  • You can communicate easily with your clients using your own branding.
  • Send videos with your logo and colours.
  • Stop sending emails, stand up from the crowd and be more connected than ever to your clients with BerryCast.
  • BerryCast is also available in Microsoft Teams.
  • Berrycast is a screen recorder application, which helps users record and capture video and audio simultaneously.
  • Users can hover the widget and start screen recording by using the record button and complete the recording through the done button.
  • Berrycast provides a share box which allows users to send video by email or via links.
  • The platform also offers a library of videos and lets individuals add passwords to videos, organize them in folders and download in MP4 versions.


  • A screen recorder app to supercharge your communications!
  • Discover the most effortless way to communicate at work. What’s a screen recorder, you ask? It’s the closest thing to explaining something in person you’ll find online.
  • Berrycast is the easiest tool for screencasting. Everybody can use it in just one click!
  • Flawless onboarding, quick recording widget to your computer, share on any platform, protect your content with a password, have access to all your videos and create a folder to improve your video organization.
  • Very easy to use and fast sharing of video without uploading the video to any platform, It records my whole desktop screen in one click, just a few clicks to start my video record fastly, including with mic, audio, and video.
  • Also, we get a unique URL to share, so no need to worry about how to share the video file with anyone.


  1. Designs: As you iterate on your app’s design, recruit your teammates to provide feedback on their own time and at their own convenience. Easily highlight specific elements and narrate the feedback, preventing misunderstandings and confusion, and saving yourself from unnecessary and gruelling review meetings.
  2. Onboarding: Easily record hellos and welcomes to new teammates, communicate goals and progress, saving meeting times for real meetings. Using a new team collaboration tool? Teach your colleagues how to use the product with a quick Berrycast that can be watched at their convenience at varying speeds.
  3. Technical support: Got an issue with something? Record the issue, get the URL, and send it to your tech team to evaluate. This is also perfect for customers to communicate what design concerns they may be observing in your product to improve overall user experience. 


  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Audio Capture
  • Brainstorming
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Commenting/Notes
  • Communication Management


  • Loom,Snagit,CloudApp,Prezi,Camtasia,Vidyard,ConnectWise Control and Droplr

Best For

Berrycast is used by many individual for many different reasons. Ranging from corporate users to teachers and individuals, we adress many jobs to be done with Berrycast


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Price: $23.2


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