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What is CookieZen ?

CookieZen helps you ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, CNIL, and LGPD by providing a simple solution. By entering your website URL, it automatically scans your website cookies. It also conducts regular monthly scans to keep you updated with the latest regulations.

You can customize the cookie consent banner’s color, position, and text to match your website design. Finally, you can embed the HTML code on your website. With CookieZen, cookies are automatically blocked based on each visitor’s consent preferences, and consent logs are stored for potential export as proof of consent.


CookieZen simplifies the process of integrating the cookie consent banner into your website by offering customization options for color, position, and text. You can easily adjust these elements to match your website’s design, and then embed the HTML code provided by CookieZen to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.


Cookie Auto Blocker

Cookie auto blocker detects and categorizes, and then blocks certain scripts from running based on your website visitor’s unique cookie settings.

Automatic Cookie Scanning

We scan/categorize all your website cookies automatically. All you have to do is give the website URL and review the scanned cookies.

Manually Add/Edit Cookies

Gives you full control to edit cookie categories, and descriptions, and edit/add any cookies manually in case we missed them in the scan or categorized them wrongly.

Consent Logs

Consent logs are stored and can be exported in .csv format if needed to show for Proof of consent

Quick & Easy

Complete the full setup in just a few clicks. Built keeping non-techies in mind so no complex options, it’s quick and easy.

Style to your brand

Style consent banner with multiple cookie banners customization options like colors, banner position, and theme – dark/light and your full banner content


  • Spacesquare
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Shopify


Pricing Plans

This deal provides lifetime access to 3 Websites for $49Only

CookieZen lifetime deal  pricing plans

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