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Country: United States

SEO Traffic: 3.1K /month

MRR (USD$): 16.9K

DA :35

What is GrowthList?

  • GrowthList provides marketing tactics for startups and small businesses.
  • GrowthList gives people back what they covet most; time.
  • GrowthList takes care of the database so that you and your team can quickly identify and reach out to your target audience.
  • Whether you’re a CEO at a startup looking to onboard new clients, an investor at a VC firm who wants to keep up with current trends, or a journalist looking for interesting companies to cover, the weekly GrowthList report with verified emails addresses will allow you to connect with today’s fastest-growing tech startups in minutes.


  • Growth is all about meticulous testing & continuous iterations.
  • Skip the hard work and discover proven tactics used by the best marketing teams.
  • Sort the list according to your funnel stage, desired outcome, estimated effort and anticipated impact.


  • 400+ quality leads delivered to your inbox monthly.
  • Search, filter, and identify leads based on 16+ data points and fields.
  • Verified email addresses and social media profiles!
  • CSV and Excel file formats for easy CRM uploads.
  • Alternatives to Acho,Scrapbook,Switchboard and FIRST


  • 400+ new leads every month
  • Verified company email address
  • Verified company social media profiles
  • Verified CEO email address
  • Verified CEO social media profiles
  • Access to email and LinkedIn outreach templates from successful campaigns


This deal provides lifetime access for 400+ new leads every month for $99only

GrowthList lifetime pricing plans

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Price: $99

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