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What is JetPlugins?

  • JetElements is a useful and extensive Elementor plugin that helps in the creation of simple, attractive elements to content. The JetElements capability allows you to add various content blocks.
  • Elementor builder has become an extremely scalable platform, and this scalability can be boosted using some extra Elementor widgets, extensions or add-ons.
  • If you were using Elementor builder for a while, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already used some free add-ons from
  • You can get Jet Plugins from Codecaynon (it seems they are not sold there anymore), Template Monster marketplace or via Crocoblock website.
  • Crocoblock is a set of various WordPress plugins tailored to help you create your sites from the ground up with Elementor builder, and touts itself as an “all-in-one service for building WordPress Elementor sites”.
  • For more information about Crocoblock be sure to check my Crocoblock review and Crocoblock dynamic templates.
  • Crocoblock is a set of various WordPress plugins made to make your site much attractive and practical.
  • It represents itself as an all-in-one service for building WordPress Elementary sites.


Do you struggle to create stunning layouts with Elementor?

Get JetTabs, an Elementor plugin that helps you organize content within your pages in the smartest way possible.

The JetTabs plugin gives you everything you need to build beautiful and functional tabs, toggles, and accordion blocks within the Elementor page builder.


Want to create a best-selling WooCommerce store that speaks to your unique brand?

The JetWooBuilder Plugin allows you to create a totally unique look for your e-commerce store, the same one that the thousands of successful sellers use to sell their products.

JetWooBuilder is an exclusive plugin that gives you the ability to build your e-commerce site in an amazing, powerful interface through Elementor. 


JetBlocks is the ultimate plugin for WordPress that enhances your header and footer widgets with rich content. 

With the help of JetBlock, you can put a variety of contents in the header and footer of your site. This widget stops the user use their custom-made blocks on their site.

JetBlocks features a unique layout that is ideal for making your website’s header & footer stand out with content. This plugin is easy to install & configure and 100% customizable.


JetTricks is a visual effects plugin for the Elementor page builder.

It lets designers liven up their site with animations without any coding skills. Choose from a variety of effects, or create your own. 

Even if you do not have coding knowledge, you can provide visual effects on your Elementor pages with the help of JetTricks.


JetReviews help you create attractive review functionality to add it to any pages you want.

With the help of setting, you can make your JetReview block look incredible and user-friendly for your visitors.


This plugin helps you create an attractive menu panel with customizable fonts, lists, badges, icons, and more.

You also get the option to choose your background according to the theme of your website.


JetElements is a premium plugin dedicated to helping designers style their website with amazing effects with Elementor, the most popular page builder.

One can create a powerful, attractive website without a complicated codebase.

The 19 modules present in the JetElements make it easier to make your site more functional.


JetPopup aids in a display of the icons whenever they are necessary.

In that way, you can access many features without switching your site’s page.


The JetBlog plugin for Elementor is the best blog plugin.

With JetBlog, you’ll be able to display everything you want on your blog page using Elementor’s beautiful, responsive widget.

This module gives you access to many features that helps in writing your blog posts successfully.


You’ve always wanted to create dynamic content for your website.

With JetEngine plugin, you can make your website more competitive and engaging with a simple click of the mouse.

Get everything you need from a single plugin with unlimited usage! With this plugin, you’ll be able to build dynamic structures in minutes.

JetEngine helps you create custom templates. If you want, you can use this module to design pages. This will showcase your templates in the form of layouts on your Elementary pages.


This module enables the visitors to compare their chosen and similar products. If they purchase something, this widget will automatically appear at the bottom of the page.

All the widgets will comprise similar products. This plugin is an excellent option for:

  • Forming eye-catching and easy to read product comparison tables
  • Easy and intuitive display of the product comparison and the Wishlist.


JetThemeCore allows the formation of the template creation straightforward.

Users can build headers and footers from scratch or can ready-made elements that can also be further customized.


This module is perfect for displaying your products in a great angle in your WooCommerce store.

You can attractively show your products using the JetProductGalley.

It adds more options to your WooCommerce products by adding different modules like Gallery sliders, Gallery Grids, and Gallery navigation.


This module is the must-have functionality for your WordPress page.You can give your search bar an attractive visual effect.

In that way, people get to search for their products in your WooCommerce store easily.

Also, you can expand the search function by adding other different functionalities like pagination, navigation, post-type, and category.


This module helps to add AJAX filters to your elementor pages having active listings. A minimum effort is needed in creating different filters for your product lists.


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