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Founded Year: 2011

Country: India

DA :6

What is LeadLabs?

LeadLabs is a straightforward approach to draw in online audiences and turn them into potential clients. With LeadLabs, you can easily produce engaging user experiences, which can increase the number of leads your business generates through your current traffic. LeadLabs is favored by multiple companies for its ability to gain a deeper understanding of a company’s target audience and to facilitate the flow of hot leads into their lead funnels.


The B2B software LeadLab provides users with highly relevant information about their website visitors. Users can recognize which companies visit their website – and thus turn anonymous website traffic into promising leads and customers of tomorrow.

The solution allows users to generate leads with their B2B website

Company visitors at a glance

Turn anonymous website visitors into relevant B2B leads
Company names, data, backgrounds: With LeadLab, users know which companies are online on their website and why. And LeadLab helps users to better understand the company visitors to their website. Concrete purchase intention? Product information? Need for information? LeadLab provides relevant insights that open the door to the next customer.

Works with hot leads

Identifies top prospects in a targeted manner

Users know who is a good match for them. With the help of a well thought-out range of clever features, users focus exclusively on those visitors who will successfully drive them forward.

Share LeadLab data

Integrates leads directly into the users’ processes
The software adapts completely to the user’s workflow. Distributes leads to their appropriate sales team. Transfers their leads automatically into their CRM. Conceivably simple reporting included: online, with lead alerts by mail or individually configurable report.


  • LeadLabs converts website and social media audiences into leads with lightning-fast microsites, providing actionable intelligence to close deals faster.
  • Capture 40% more leads from websites, identify high-intent prospects with shareable microsites, and close deals up to 75% faster with personalized sales microsites. 
  • Similar to: Zoom Info, Send Trumpet, Dock, Paperflite
  • Intuitive UI and UX, easy-to-use platform, very stable. 
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Agencies, CXOs, and Outreach marketers looking to capture more leads and close deals faster.


Microsite Creation Time:

Create lightning-fast, hyper-personalized marketing & sales microsites in under 10 minutes instead of creating complex, time-consuming, non-personalized landing pages for marketing & sales campaigns.

Lead Generation:

Capture leads with embeddable microsites on your web pages and identify high-intent prospects from outreach campaigns. 

Sales Enablement:

Quickly create personalized sales microsites and get actionable insights on each deal. Invite all decision makers to the deal in one click & streamline communication in one place with a built-in chat module.

Visitor Intelligence:

Get a comprehensive analysis of how visitors view and interact with your content. Get actionable insights with the content engagement funnel & understand what your visitors love and where they drop off.

Lead intelligence:

Its unique lead scoring algorithm helps you identify “hot” leads that are more likely to convert. Invest time nurturing “warm” and “cold” leads to boost your top-line revenue.


  • Keap
  • AWeber
  • CallRail
  • RocketReach
  • Ortto
  • Adapt
  • Outgrow
  • Lead411


  • Pabbly Connect
  • Zapie


Technology, Information and Internet


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