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What is Marqly?

  • Marqly is an all-in-one bookmark manager. Meet Marqly, Manage your bookmarks like a pro.
  • Easy-to-use, Marqly lets you save, customize and manage all your bookmarks and texts online like a breeze.Don’t let the good stuff escape from your eyes!
  • Save them and come back anytime you want to. Simple to use, easy to manage, and secure way to save bookmarks and texts online.


  • Marqly makes it a breeze to save, customize, and manage all your bookmarks and texts online.
  • Don’t let the good stuff escape from your eyes!
  • Save that stuff and then come back to it anytime you want to.
  • Marqly is simple to use and easy to manage, plus it’s a secure way to save bookmarks and texts online.


  • Simple to use, easy to manage and secure to save, Marqly is available as a Chrome extension. Access your bookmarks seamlessly across all your devices!
  • Highlight and save all the important information online. Marqly gives you the ability to highlight texts with different colors while it auto-bookmarks the page for you.
  • Organize like a pro and customize the way you save your important websites and texts!
  • Run an advanced search with options to search by date, URL, type, website content, etc!


  • New design and layout
  • Enhanced responsive layout, fully responsive, great mobile experience
  • Nested collections
  • All of your highlighted texts are organized in a new quick-access board
  • Advanced filtering and view control
  • Enhanced web preview with full-screen preview option


  • 1. Drata
  • 2. Qlearly
  • 3. Omni
  • 4. Trove
  • 5. Superdense
  • 6. linkish

Best for

  • Bloggers
  • Customer support
  • Developers
  • Event organizers


This deal provides lifetime access for Nested collections for $49only

Marqly lifetime pricing plans

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