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What is Mutant Mail?

  • Mutant Mail is the perfect email solution to simplify your inbox management. It’s the only server-side solution to control all your domain emails in one place and a client cannot be used.
  • With Mutant Mail, you can send/reply to all your domain emails from any inbox (let’s say Gmail, Hotmail or any other).
  • It’s the only server-side solution to control all your domain emails in one place.
  • In general, any domain has at least 5 email ids (admin, support, help, legal, contact), how many of us monitor all of them?
  • Imagine having 5 domains, each having 5 email alias(admin, support, help, legal, contact). That’s 25 email IDs.
  • Just a small clarification, Mutant Mail is not an email client, it’s an email gateway that sits in between your control/recipient inbox and recipient.
  • So, with Mutant Mail, you still get to use your favorite mailbox (along with any client, webmail or app it supports) and the convenience of Reply, Send & Receive from a single Inbox for all your domain’s email.
  • No Email Hosting is needed anymore.


  • The perfect email solution that simplifies your inbox management.
  • Increase your productivity to next level.
  • No more logging into so many email ids.
  • Best for Individuals, Small Businesses, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.



Manage multiple email addresses with one inbox. Simply reply from a single inbox, and we ensure your client receives an email from your domain.


Despite being a cheaper alternative, we are Cheaper than fin.

Privacy & Security

Foundation built on Privacy and Security. Our emails are neither stored nor logged by us. It comes with Two Factor Authentication.

NextGen Email

We ensure that all email messages are properly SPF, DKIM, and DMARC-compliant. We use PGP/GPG encryption for maximum data privacy.

NextGen Rules & Filter

Each email on our server is scanned by Antivirus for Malware, Spyware, and Virus scan. We also set up a spam/bot filter to block unwanted messages. You can use our extensive rules to block spam messages at your account level.

NextGen Routing

Ever wanted to forward your emails to multiple recipients? Well, now you can. And with our Enriched routing, your brand/domain identity is maintained when the email is replied to from either of them.


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