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What is Netscan?

NetScan is a powerful, flexible network monitoring system that extracts information directly from the network. By monitoring all aspects of your network in real time, NetScan can help you detect and fix issues before they become big problems. In this article, we’ll take a look at how NetScan works and what benefits it offers. We’ll also discuss some of the different features available in NetScan and how to use them to improve your network security. So read on to learn more about NetScan and how it can help you keep your network running smoothly.


Netscan is an effective tool for monitoring both uptime and performance, offering a wide range of customizable and rapid status pages. Customizing domains with Netscan gives you the control you desire to be alerted if your system experiences any downtime. The ability to harness analytics is a significant perk for users of Netscan, as it comes with the inclusion of this feature in each status page hosted by the platform. . Netscan currently boasts a total of 87 monitors and 19 active status pages, with over 399,947 checks conducted thus far. Real-time monitoring is easily achieved with Netscan, a tool that offers instant access to a company’s online performance.


Custom domains, Downtime alerts + Analytics!

Netscan made 399,947 checks for a total of 87 monitors, hosting 19 status pages.

Receive quick updates when the status of your tracked services changes.

Netscan monitors your screens from multiple locations across the globe.


  • Multiple locations: Netscan monitors your devices from all over the globe
  • Custom HTTP requests & HTTP responses
  • Notifications via email: receive quick updates when the status of your tracked services changes
  • Projects: the simplest method for categorizing your managed resources
  • Custom domains.


Atera, Site24x7, Auvik, LogicMonitor, NinjaOne, WhatsUp Gold, Datadog, and Domotz


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