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Are you doing Email Outreaching but your emails are landing in your prospects’ spam folder?

NeverSpam by Allegrow lets you reach a new level with your sales and marketing emails. Increase your sender reputation and inbox placement, making sure your emails reach the priority inbox, not the spam folder.

Allegrow technology interacts with your email accounts to increase sender reputation.

What does this tool help you with?

  • Stop sending your marketing emails to spam.
  • Helping you improve your sender reputation so the open rates on their email campaigns improve.
  • Increase reply rates on email campaigns because prospects can now see your emails. 
  • Provide a real-time spam score based on live data. 


More Leads – Increased sender reputation allows more prospects inside your cadences to open your emails and engage with you.

More Conversions – Insights from the Allegrow network of the thousands of email spam folders it monitors to keep you firing on every email outreach best practice. Having real-time data across all major ISPs increases lead conversion rates as your emails won’t slip through the cracks.

Raise Reputation – The Allegrow network marks emails sent from your account as important and responds to them from receiver inboxes. 

More Transparency – The frequency that your emails get placed inside prospects’ primary inbox compared to the spam, unfocused, or junk folder is no longer a blind spot with the multiple tests Allegrow’s technology automates every day.

Monitor Spam Score – Allegrow uses community accounts to monitor where your emails land.

Human Activity – Allegrow makes your email account behave like a real human through unique actions that are queued each day.

Works With Your Stack – Allegrow connects with your Google, Office-365, or Exchange email account, then sits alongside your current marketing automation and data solutions to increase the impact of the sales and marketing you conduct through these platforms.

What’s the Benefit of using NeverSpam?

  • It monitors sender reputation in real-time on a daily basis as well track which folder test emails land in and calculate your sender reputation as a percentage. 
  • Interaction emails will happen on the accounts you connect which send signals to ISPs and raise your sender reputation. (these interactions include; replies, marking your messages as important, and moving them out of spam when they land there). 
  • Allegrow’s insights section consistently provides best practices and key data points from its network to help you get better results from email marketing.  
  • Increase email open and reply rates. 
  • Track sender reputation.
  • Get out of the spam folder and reach the priority inbox of your target customers. 

Best Suited For –

  • SMBs and SMEs
  • Online Businesses
  • Marketers B2B 
  • Lead Generation Agencies
  • Sales/Businesses Team which uses outbound.
  • Startups
  • Freelancers

Alternate For – Mailwarm, Folderly


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