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What is Shopia?

Shopia uses GPT-3, the Rolls Royce of natural language AI models to write all of its content, giving you the most natural and highest quality results possible.

Article researcher, writer and SEO assistant – Shopia will find groups of key articles to write for your niche, analyze the top Google results for each article and then generate content that hits key SEO metrics. Content built to outrank the top results, and all in a few clicks.

Choose from over 50 AI writers including bulk generators – combine them to write exactly the kind of content you need in Shopia’s long form editor.

 Send and schedule your content to anywhere with integrations to 5000+ apps via Zapier – With Shopia’s custom integration workflows, it’s much easier than ever to automate your content creation process. Connect your generated content to Google products, your blog, Mailchimp, social media accounts, eCommerce platforms, email clients & much more.


  • Send and schedule content to 5000+ apps!
  • Read & write in 25+ languages.
  • SEO research + SEO competitor insights.
  • Bulk content generator.


  • 1 User Seat
  • 10 Article SEO reports per month
  • 5 Topic Clusters per month
  • 20+ Languages
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Alternative to

  • Jasper
  • WriterZen

Best for

  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Small businesses


This deal provides lifetime access for Bulk product content generator for$49only


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