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Country: United States

SEO Traffic: 5 /month

MRR (USD$): 9

DA :26

What is Spectra?

  • Spectra is a complete package to build super-fast websites with a creative library of powerful blocks, ready-made website templates, style presets, and more.
  • Spectra works with the native WordPress editor with no dependency on external code.
  • So, it is fast and stable.Spectrum, in optics, the arrangement according to wavelength of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light.
  • An instrument designed for visual observation of spectra is called a spectroscope; an instrument that photographs or maps spectra is a spectrograph.
  • The typical spectroscope is a combination of a microscope and a prism.
  • The prism breaks the light into its spectra components (by differential refraction) which is then magnified with a microscope.
  • Clean code written using the latest standards to maximize security and work flawlessly with any WordPress plugin.


  • The spectrum of incandescent solids is said to be continuous because all wavelengths are present. The spectrum of incandescent gases, on the other hand, is called a line or emission spectrum because only a few wavelengths are emitted.
  • These wavelengths appear to be a series of parallel lines because a slit is used as the light-imaging device. Line spectra are characteristic of the elements that emit the radiation.
  • Line spectra are also called atomic spectra because the lines represent wavelengths radiated from atoms when electrons change from one energy level to another.
  • Band spectra is the name given to groups of lines so closely spaced that each group appears to be a band, e.g., nitrogen spectrum.
  • Band spectra, or molecular spectra, are produced by molecules radiating their rotational or vibrational energies, or both simultaneously


  • Enhance your block editors feature by using Spectra
  • Use it in combination with any WordPress theme and plugin.
  • Alternative to Kadence Blocks
  • Get access to over 30+ unique blocks and 75+ templates for building your awesome site in minutes


  • Design Anything, Build Everything
  • To Import, Tweak, and Build Websites in Minutes
  • Readily Designed Blocks for Faster Design
  • Speed up Your Design Time by Replicating Styles
  • Form Styler Blocks
  • Marketing Button Block
  • Inbuilt Schema Implementing Blocks
  • Table of Contents Block
  • Taxonomy Block
  • Toolset Dynamic Block


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