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What is Swift Performance AI?

  • Swift AI is a high-performance AI and machine learning library written entirely in Swift that includes a set of common tools used for machine learning and artificial intelligence research.
  • Easy to learn language incorpoated to provide many great attributes for development of all kinds.
  • The artificial intelligence helps with our machine learning functionsDocumentation is clear and straightforward to follow, and there is a lot of support from the community
  • Swift Performance AI is the most innovative WordPress Speed Up Plugin
  • Swift Performance AI use innovative techniques to achive REAL speed improvment.
  • Focusing on real user experience (field data), keep good content/code ratio and optimizing images in an SEO friendly way.
  • Using Swift for numeric programming, such as training machine learning models, is not an area that many people are working on.
  • There’s very little information around on the topic.
  • But after a few weeks of research and experimentation I’ve managed to create a couple of libraries that can achieve the same speed as carefully optimized vectorized C code, whilst being concise and easy to use.
  • In this article, I’ll take you through this journey and show you what I’ve learned about how to use Swift effectively for numeric programming.
  • I will include examples mainly from my BaseMath library, hich provides generic math functions for Float and Double, and optimized versions for various collections of them.


  • Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language.
  • It was started by Chris Lattner while he was at Apple, and supported many concepts from Objective-C (the main language used for programming for Apple devices).
  • Chris described the language to me as “syntax sugar for LLVM”, since it maps so closely to many of the ideas in that compiler framework.
  • I’ve been coding for around 30 years, and in that time have used dozens of languages (and have even contributed to some.
  • I always hope that when I start looking at a new language that there will be some mind-opening new ideas to find, and Swift definitely doesn’t disappoint.
  • Swift tries to be expressive, flexible, concise, safe, easy to use, and fast.
  • Most languages compromise significantly in at least one of these areas.
  • Here’s my personal view of some languages that I’ve used and enjoyed, but all of which have limitations I’ve found frustrating at times.


  • Python: Slow at runtime, poor support for parallel processing (but very easy to use)
  • C, C++: hard to use (and C++ is slow at compile time), but fast and (for C++) expressive
  • Javascript: Unsafe (unless you use Typescript); somewhat slow (but easy to use and flexible)
  • Julia: Poor support for general purpose programming, but fast and expressive for numeric programming. ( Edit: this may be a bit unfair to Julia; it’s come a long way since I’ve last looked at it!)
  • Java: verbose (but getting better, particularly if you use Kotlin), less flexible (due to JVM issues), somewhat slow (but overall a language that has many useful application areas)
  • C# and F#: perhaps the fewest compromises of any major programming language, but still requires installation of a runtime, limited flexibility due to garbage collection, and difficulties making code really fast (except on Windows, where you can interface via C++/CLI)


Quick Setup

Page Cache

Cache Preloading

Gzip Compression

Browser Caching

Remove Query Strings


Minify CSS

Minify JS

Combine JS/CSS

Async Execute Combined JS

Defer JS, CDN Support

Cloudflare Support

Varnish Support

Mobile Detection

Multisite Compatibility

Woocommerce Friendly

WPML Support

Cache For Logged In Users

Database Optimizer


DNS Prefetch

Critical CSS On The Fly

Plugin Organizer


AJAX Cache

Proxy 3rd Party JS

Inline Small Images

Google Analytics Bypass

Heartbeat Control


  • Keras
  • NVIDIA Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS)
  • TFLearn
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (Formerly CNTK)
  • Google Cloud Deep Learning Containers
  • AWS Deep Learning AMIs
  • Synaptic.js
  • Clarifai


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