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What is TargeterPRO?

TargeterPro is an influential marketing short-link tool that serves as a vital link between your customers and desired destinations. Obtain comprehensive customer insights and behavioral data through links. Effortlessly track your audience using memorable and impactful links.

Enhance your understanding of users and customers to boost conversion rates. Track various metrics, including click counts, referrers, and geographical data. Embark on your marketing campaigns today to increase conversions with a targeted audience.


Welcome to TargeterPRO, your go-to tool for enhancing your understanding of customers through the power of short and effective links and advanced analytics tracking. With TargeterPRO, you can effortlessly target and retarget your audience, all powered by a single short link that opens up a world of infinite possibilities. Say hello to unrivaled customer insights and optimized marketing strategies with TargeterPRO.


  • TargeterPRO provides simple yet powerful links that allow you to collect vital data about your customers and their behavior.
  • Integrates with tools like Slack, Zapier, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel.
  • Your links will be completely under your control. This implies that you are free to switch the destination at any time. You may always add, modify, or remove any filters.
  • Use the straightforward profile builder to create your profile and add all of your links. Share a single link on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and track the number of clicks you receive.


  • Bundles & Link Rotator
  • Export Data
  • Developer API
  • URL Customization
  • No Advertisements
  • Online Support

Pricing Plans

This deal provides lifetime access to 100 Team Members for $29.99Only

Use TargeterPRO to understand your customers better through short and effective links and analytics tracking. Target & Retarget! One short link with infinite possibilities.

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