Earn money online with Instamojo [Zero investment]


Are you getting bored at home?
Looking for legit ways to earn money online?
Want to earn without any investment?
Want to have passive income?

We have found a solution i.e. Earning with Instamojo for all of these questions, that is Earning money online from home in a most legit way.

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is one of the top-rated payment gateways in India.
Trusted by 1000000+ Indian Small Businesses as their one-stop payments platform. You can setup a free online store in 5 minutes, sell any goods online and collect payments.
Read more what can you do with Instamojo in detail here.

How to register?

Register on Instamojo with the given link as business. You’ll receive INR 500 as bonus if you register through my link above.

How to earn?

There are thousands of people and hundreds of businesses selling their goods online from ebook, online courses to services. The original sellers needed push in their sales and they provide commission if any visitor purchases their product/service through your link, which is called Affiliate marketing.

What is reseller?

Instamojo the Free online store provider introduced a program called Reseller. With this anyone can promote any product (which is already on the Instamojo platform) and earn commission for the sale.

How to start reselling?

Verify your business

First you need to register,provide your PAN card details for taxation, bank account details for payment, verified your business account with Instamojo.
Then click on Reseller link in the Menu left side.


Product Research

Search for products you want to promote i.e. resell on behalf of the owner.
Learn and research about the product/service and the owner so that you will know what are you doing.


It is little inconvenient to search products there but there is no alternative to that.
I hope Instamojo will update the product search page with some filters like , categories, type of products etc.

Create the reseller Link

Click on the product The product page will be opened.


Click on “Resell this” button to get that product link (your affiliate link).

Share the Reseller link

Share the link in Social Media, blog (if you have), email (to friends or your email list).


Boom just start earning from home without investment.


Payments will be credited into your bank account directly after 30 days of the sale.

A Few Tips For Resellers from Instsmojo

Joining the reseller network on Instamojo is easy, but if you are new to it, a few of these tips might help.

Know your numbers:

It’s always beneficial to know how much money you wish to make from reselling a product. The Instamojo reseller network keeps a clean tracker of your goods sold and the money you make.

Stay relevant on social media:

Since you are sharing the reseller link on social media, it helps to keep a good follower base. Here are some tips how to gain more followers on social media.

Communicate with the seller:

If you want to know more about what you will be reselling, it will be wise to communicate to the seller. If the customer turns to you for any queries once they purchase the product, it is good to keep answers ready.

Start low:

If you are just starting out in the reselling business, it is best to opt for a lower-priced product. This helps you understand the process easier before you gamble higher.

With Instamojo, you get to go beyond collecting online payments. You get to grow your businesses and with the reseller network, help other businesses grow too – all whilst making money!

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