Go AI with Charlie – GoCharlie LIVE Demo & Giveaway

I would host co-founder of @gocharlieai , Brennan Woodruff. He shall showcase how you can use GoCharlie to generate a wide variety of content (text & image), AI art images and repurpose your YouTube video into a helpful, insightful and SEO friendly blog in 60 seconds!

10 pm UTC+8/7.30 pm IST/10 am EST/4 pm CET
Wednesday, 23 Nov 2022

We discuss️
Developments after the LTD launch
USPs Vs other tools
#GPT3 & #GPT4


Two giveaway prizes to be won
x1 Fetch Monthly Subscription for One Year (value $29/month)
x1 Limited Charlie for Life #LTD (value $99)

What is #GoCharlie?
Charlie is an AI content generator that’s the new VA in your team.
Generate, Enhance, Analyze and Respond to social media marketing content.
Charlie has been trained to optimize content and convert your audience into paying customers.
As a bonus, he can generate HD, 2K, 4K, widescreen, vertical and square images.

AI generation of blog posts and social media ads, captions, posts (plus 50+ use-cases)
AI generation of Images and Art – Turn text into 4K, Vertical and Widescreen images
Content Repurposing – Turn a YouTube video into a helpful, insightful and SEO friendly blog in 60 seconds!
Alternative to: #Jasper, #CopyAI, #Scalenut, #Frase, #ClosersCopy
Best Suited for Agencies, Social Media Influencers, Content Creators

Transcript of the LIVE
“GoCharlie Content Generator: Joining the #PANIDeals”
I’m Brendan, co-founder of GoCharlie Content Generator
We recently launched our first product in May 2022
The Lifetime Deal Community is something I wasn’t familiar with until launching this product
We made a lot of changes to the product based off community feedback
Our content repurposing feature was well received and is my favorite feature!
Met with leaders from many lifetime deal communities to share the new product
Exciting to be part of a thriving lifetime deal network!
“Automating the Business and Unlocking New Possibilities with Charlie’s Playpen”
We launched an affiliate program to help spread the word about our product.
The lifetime community brings a lot of energy and excitement through quick feedback and desire for people to succeed.
I stumbled upon a way to automate administrative parts of the business, like bookkeeping, which has been incredibly helpful for us.
Our new feature Charlie’s Playpen is an AI powered rich text editor that supports many features!
Unlocking New Possibilities with AI-Powered Summarization
I recently released a summarizer tool that can help you complete tasks in one place using AI and other presets.
My team is working on creating a venture studio to focus on artificial intelligence.
The onboarding process for the platform involves answering some questions so we can send out gifts to early users.
Using the features in our Rich Text Editor, you are able to add/remove fluff from your writing and also change tones.
We’ve implemented content repurposing where videos can be summarized into key points catered to specific audience needs.
“Unleash Your Creative Side with Charlie’s Blog Outline Tool”
I recently released a blog outline tool that you can take and then turn into a blog, written by Charlie.
I recommend making edits before taking the final product so it reflects what you want.
We are working on new features which include long form articles, essays and even short books but have not yet set a timetable for them.
Content repurposing will be an important part of our platform, allowing any type of content to be repurposed in many different ways.
Recently we released content customization with summarize tool up to nearly 5,000 characters quickly.
Exploring the Power of AI Summarization Technology
I recently explored the capabilities of an AI summarizer tool called Charlie with a text example.
Charlie was able to generate different types of summaries such as basic, expert and executive summary levels, plus study notes.
The future of AI technology is exciting
it could potentially be used in workflows to lead into blog creation and other forms of content.
I am exploring the possibilities of using voice commands to create audio, video, text and marketing materials with just one simple command.
“GoCharlie: Generating Quality Content Quickly”
I recently had a thought about generating images for content pieces, which would save time and be useful.
After looking at the dashboard with new features I am impressed by GoCharlie’s capabilities.
There has been positive feedback on one quick blog but also criticism that it is not up to quality standard or that the content is repetitive.
To solve this, GoCharlie introduced multi-threading so each sentence of an article can start in parallel rather than linear process, resulting in quicker article production without sacrificing quality.

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