How to automate the lead capturing process – Send WhatsApp message to lead and add contact in CRM

The video is about how we send WhatsApp message to a lead captured in chatbot and add contact in Deskera CRM.
Here we see, how can we automate the manual process of capturing the lead, sending welcome messages, and adding the contact to CRM.
We have shown the below in the above video.
  • Lead capturing through Chatbot
  • Sending a personalized welcome message to the customer
  • Sending lead information to the team
  • Adding the Lead contact in the CRM.

Tools Used

  • Vijbot – A visual no-ode chatbot builder –
    Used to create a chatbot for lead capture
  • KonnectzIt – Collaborative/Integration software –
    Used to integrate different applications –
  • WA API – Custom built WhatsApp API –
    Used to send automated personal messages
  • Deskera – All-in-one solution for businesses –
    Used to save lead information in CRM contact

Recommended Tools

  • Elementor – All-in-one Website builder for WordPress –​
  • Astra Pro & Agency – Best WordPress themes and agency toolkit –​
  • Pabbly Connect – The best & affordable automation software –​
  • Pabbly Plus – Get access to business critical applications like form creation, email marketing, billing, automation, and much more at the price of a single product. –​
  • Deskera – All-in-one solution for businesses –
  • Vijbot – A visual no-ode chatbot builder –​
  • KonnectzIt – Collaborative/Integration software –​

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