How to improve your skills and grow your professional network?

How to improve your skills and grow your professional network at the same time in a proper way.

When you have been searching for job, you have to update your skills and knowledge outside i.e. to be get updated with the real world outside. As the world acquiring so many in fraction of seconds, so preparing for the interviews from documents is no more reliable. Documents are useful when you want to learn basics and its functionality, but to know and learn its trends, you should in the dynamic world of knowledge hub.

For that I can suggest, some websites which provide you a platform to improve your skills through interaction with the people with the same interest.

In these, you can access the previous issues raised and solved. There you could find many number of solutions for a single problem, so that you could choose best one.

If you can solve the issue, you can provide/post yours there also which helps you to know the real-time issues.

If you have any new issue, you can also post it there, you will get number of solutions, from which you can select best.

At the same time,as you are interacting with the other professionals while raising issues/solving the issues, there is good chance to grow your network in a very good way.

Some of them are groups in LinkedIn professional network and GeekInterview

Note: Its my personal experience


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