How to manage Personal and Business payments separately with UPI?

UPI payments into different accounts

I am a small business owner, managing my business alone.

I’ve two bank accounts in Syndicate bank & HDFC bank, but both are registered with only one mobile number. I want to use my Syndicate Bank account for business transactions and HDFC bank account for personal transactions.

How would I receive UPI payments into desired account?

We can do this with Google Pay, UPI IDs.

Google Pay


I’ve to give bank account for traditional RTGS/NEFT/IMPS payments, but it is time taking and nobody wants to use that small payments.

Google Pay has option/solution for this. One can receive payments separately with the help of UPI ID in Google Pay.
Whenever we add a bank account in Google Pay, it will create a unique UPI ID for that account.
You can check that details in

  • Settings (3 dots … at top right)
    • Bank Accounts
      • Click on a bank account, it will show Account information like Name, Mobile number and UPI ID.

Give that particular UPI ID for receiving payments to particular type.
Ex: I will give my Syndicate bank account UPI ID for business payments and HDFC bank account UPI ID for personal payments.

If you prefer PhonePe, you can does the same but by using QR code.



You need to generate a QR code for your

  1. Generate QR code for Business payments with one account.
  2. Add an other account in PhonePe and make it as primary for receiving payments.

This way whenever someone does the payment through QR code, you will receive it in your business account.

Whenever you receive payment made through mobile number or UPI ID that will be credited into personal account.

Let me know if this tip is useful.

Kindly give feedback in comments.

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