Online Millionaire Summit 2020 – India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event Online

Online Millionaire Summit 2020 - India Biggest Digital Marketing Event Online

“What if you lose everything? What would you do from Day 1 to Day 30 to get back on top?”

We asked this question to 30 of India’s top Digital Marketers and Influencers.

“What if you suddenly lose EVERYTHING?
All your money, your fame, your email list, products and you only have your marketing experience left.
You have huge bills to pay and very less time.
It’s as if you’re starting from ZERO again.
What would you do, from Day 1 to Day 30, to make some progress and get out of this situation?”

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

What is Online Millionaire Summit 2020?

In 2019, we interviewed 30 of India’s Top Digital Marketers and Influencers with the aim of introducing you to different fields of Digital Marketing and show you the potential of each online business model.

Online Millionaire Summit 2020 - India Biggest Digital Marketing Event Online
Online Millionaire Summit 2020 – India Biggest Digital Marketing Event Online

???? All the details here.

The reason for asking this question was we see all these experts and influencers doing amazing things, posting screenshots of their income or fame.

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And we wonder how they are doing it?

So, by asking this question, I wanted to know what would they do if they have to start all over from zero?

Because these are the people who have already done it. And if we can get a step-by-step blueprint, then we can also follow the same and achieve similar results.

So, the organizer reached out to 30 of India’s top experts from different fields including dropshipping, online courses, digital marketing agency, YouTube etc.

And to my surprise, all of the speakers loved this idea.

They were very happy and excited to share their step-by-step plan so that others can also learn it, implement it and achieve similar results.

So, people shared their ideas and plans in different ways:

  • Some created step-by-step 30-Day blueprints
  • Some shared tutorials and mini courses
  • Some shared case studies of existing business or products
  • Some recorded video lessons

Each of them had just one goal in mind – To help you take action and get some results in the next 30 days!

So, you are not just getting one blueprint, you are getting 30 different blueprints from 30 different experts in different industries.

Prominent Speakers:

There are 28 experts coming and presenting their strategies, expertise for you. Some of them are

  • Deepak Kanakaraju – Blogging, Digital Agency
  • Siddarth Rajsekhar – Online Course, Consulting
  • Kulwant Nagi – Blogging, Affiliate Marketing
  • Avi Arya – Digital Agency, Video Mastery
  • Sanjay Shenoy – SEO, Digital Marketing

and more.

This event is unlike any other event which happens in India.

With regular events, you have to book a flight, travel to a different city, book a hotel, leave your family and work behind and then learn from a handful of experts.

But here, everything is ONLINE.

You don’t have to travel anywhere, no need to book a hotel, no need to leave your family behind. You get access to everything in a membership portal. And you can watch the videos any time as per your convenience as you have lifetime access to everything.

And everything at a very nominal cost.

Here’s what you get in this online summit:

✅ Step-by-step tutorials, guides, case studies and lessons
✅ 30-Day Blueprints from different experts
✅ Lifetime access to all the content
✅ Members Only exclusive Facebook Group for QnA
✅ Bonus courses, ebooks, guides
✅ Complete recording of 2019 event
✅ No need to travel anywhere. Attend from your home
✅ Knowledge of 30 experts at one place
and so much more.

Here’s what you get when you join –

  • Life-Changing Case Studies, Tutorials, and Blueprints shared by 20+ Experts and Influencers (INR 10,000 value)
  • FREE Access to Complete Recording of Online Millionaire Summit 2019 (INR 4,500 value)
  • FREE Digital Marketing Project course (INR 2999 Value) – 20-Day program designed for those who want to master Digital Marketing in just 20 days.
  • Bonus Content, Cheat Sheets, and Mini-Courses (INR 5,000 value)
  • Member-Only Exclusive Facebook Group (INR 2000 value)
  • Live QnA Calls (INR 2000 value)
  • Once In a Lifetime Event (Priceless)

Wait.. Don’t forget your VIP Pass
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BONUS: Complete recording of 2019 event

  • ​All the videos, tutorials, blueprints shared by the Speakers
  • ​Audio Downloads in MP3 format
  • Exclusive Bonuses, Mini Guides, Checklists and Templates
  • Private members-only Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Live QnA Calls inside the Facebook Group
  • and many more amazing stuff.

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No Travel Needed + Over INR 24,500 in Bonuses

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