#StartUP vs #MNC : Where should you work?

#startup vs #MNC #job

Do you have job offer from a StartUp? or do you think working at MNC is better for career? Are you dilemma choosing between StartUp job and MNC career? Then this is for you.

We all have lot of questions in mind, especially when we are thinking starting career at startup.

#startup vs #MNC #job

The above infographic represents briefly what we are discussing here.

  • Is job at a startup is safe?
  • Is startup good for fresher?
  • Is startup good to start career?
  • are startup companies good to work for?
  • do startups pay more?
  • are startup jobs good?

It is good to have questions, but here you do not have straight forward answers. You’ve to analyze few key things and decide yourself, which suits you best.

#StartUp VS #MNC - Where should you work?

While researching the topic, I created a poll regarding #StartUp vs #MNC on our facebook page.

By the time I am completing the article, there are around 70% people who prefer working at StartUp than at MNC.

Enough of the scenario, let’s dive into key discussion.



At first, you may get higher compensation at MNC but there is a chance for foresee the value at StartUp. Some StartUps offer even shares for employees.

As per the updated reports, some StartUps are offering higher salary than their counter-parts. Just go through some reviews, pay scales in Glassdoor.co.in, LinkedIn, Payscale.com, Naukri.com etc. and confirm yourself.



You may start doing just for the sake of money, facilities provided by MNC, but in the end work satisfaction matters. Hence think with heart.



As per my observation StartUps are having better work environment/culture than big organizations surviving from ages. StartUp companies are like new born child, they keep learning and exciting, big companies lack that activeness.



You may have to work on weekends more in StartUps when compared to big giants, especially during initial days. But remember it pays you off.


Scope of work

Multi-National Company limits your scope of work to particular boundary, but it is not the case with StartUp. You can always work on extra responsibilities.



Though you may acquire new skill through learning program in big companies but you will not find scenario to implement them. StartUp is opposite; they encourage you to develop the solution for a problem with your new skill.



StartUp gets up with relatively small team; hence you get a chance to know your colleague to the personal level. It is quite opposite in Multinational, as teams are bigger and people keep changing teams.



Either you’re an intern or the CEO, you understand that StartUp is synonym for challenge. You always get challenges, hence there is good opportunity for learning. You won’t get bored of routine work, you get work satisfaction. You won’t be getting challenges daily, you get business challenges once in while in MNC.



The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Risk always travels whenever you go either in MNC or StartUp. There is risk of StartUp closure and losing job in MNC. One of my friend was jobless for few months due to StartUp clousre recently, but he got another job soon.



Though working for a StartUp involves risk but when comes to growth MNC cannot compete with a StartUp in a right management on board.

Another friend of mine, joined a customer voice support team and now working as Mobile app testing lead in the same StartUp & have 6 salary jumps in the 6 years. As I work for a well known global company, my salary in lakhs is competing with my experience in years.

P.S.: my experience still beats my salary in numbers.



These days StartUp perks are as good as MNC perks. You may be attracted by extra perks, given by MNC but think how much those perks work or you need them in reality.



After working for more than 7 years in IT industry, I can this the important factor of all to choose your choose workplace. Every StartUp tries to solve a problem around not just to make money by serving other countries.

So if you want to serve the country in a way possible for you(even earning good money while doing it) , StartUp is the right place. Choose a relevant StartUp and go ahead with it.



There other differences you need to know before you jump into a side in a war between StartUp and MNC.

There is significant difference between a StartUp and MNC when coming to Dress Code, Flexible timings, Bossing, seating environments, Passion and management hierarchy.

These 12 graphics highlight the differences between StartUp and MNC beautifully.


If I have to start my career again, I will start the journey with a good StartUp. Hope, I helped you take a good decision.
What do you think? share your thoughts in comments.


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