Weekly Emails #79 – Engage with visually stunning guides 🎉, Exciting LTD updates 😎

Engage with visually stunning guides, Exciting LTD updates blog post

This edition is packed with the hottest news, game-changing LTD updates, irresistible freebies, sizzling hot deals, must-not-miss endings, and the freshest deals on the market. As if that’s not enough, we recently had an electrifying live discussion with Dub Air founder Jay Joh, bringing you insider insights and exclusive content.

📰News of the week

  • Gutenberg 17.4 released: The latest version includes improvements to style revisions, improved controls for background images, and more.
  • WordPress Google fonts plugin vulnerability affects up to 300,000 sites.
  • Microsoft’s New AI Tools Let Anyone Create Retail Media Content.
  • OpenAI: New York Times lawsuit based on misuse of ChatGPT.
  • Google says search result snippets primarily come from page content, not other sources
  • Elementor has been selected as the CMS of the year.
  • The RankActive (SEO Tool) is no longer supported.
  • Apple Plans to Launch New Siri with GenAI at WWDC 2024
  • Rabbit R1 is an adorable AI-powered assistant co-designed by Teenage Engineering
  • Google Shutting Down Business.Site Websites
  • Microsoft’s New AI Tools Let Anyone Create Retail Media Content

😎 LTD Updates


Typeflo Major Updates that you cannot miss! Dashboard whitelabel, team members, and more!
Typeflo converts Google Docs to fast, SEO-ready blogs, simplifying content publishing and management.

🎉 LTD’s Launched on ProductHunt

Robomotion Video Dubber

Robomotion Video Dubber is on PH. Kindly show your support by giving a thumbs up on Product Hunt.
Robomotion Video Dubber is a video dubbing tool meant to create multilingual content. It extracts audio tracks from videos, transcribes the dialogue, and then translates it into multiple languages. Excellent for content creators and startups!


Rainex has officially launched on ProductHunt!
Rainex – your all-in-one solution for revolutionizing subscription payment management. Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or developer, Rainex simplifies invoicing and ensures timely payments.


Weberlo is on PH, Kindly support them.
Weberlo is a marketing attribution platform that provides real-time, cookieless tracking to maximise ROAS through precise ad tracking and organic traffic analysis. It makes customer journey analysis easier and integrates with a variety of systems.

💹Discount of the week

Dub Air Pre-launch Offer – 15% Discount only for 150 LTDs
Dub Air is an all-encompassing AI voice platform designed to elevate and enrich your content, providing your audience with versatility and enhanced auditory experiences.

🎥Video of the week

We recently had an enlightening live talk with Jay Loh, the Founder of Dub Air. Dub Air is a unique AI voice platform designed to improve your content by providing enhanced auditory experiences and unparalleled versatility to attract your audience.

🔥Hot Deals


Eariously is a web-based text-to-speech platform for educators, publishers, news organizations, podcasters, bloggers, and video creators.

Leading Features:

  • Transform Text to Speech in Minutes
  • Convert Blog into Podcast
  • Powerful SSML Editor and Custom Pronunciations
  • Supports over 60+ Languages
  • 870+ Realistic Sounding Voices
  • Projects, Teams, Workspaces


Happierleads lets you identify anonymous visitors and convert them into high-quality leads ready for your sales funnel.

Happierleads Leading Features:

  • Access 180M+ decision-makers and 60M+ companies for contact details and insights.
  • Identify leads from anonymous website traffic, including remote workers, through IP address lookups.
  • Auto-subscribe leads to email sequences, segmenting them based on customizable criteria.

⏲️Ending soon deals


MakeForms is on ProductHunt! Kindly show your support.
MakeForms is the most powerful and secure form builder. Leverage AI capabilities to build advanced, visually stunning forms with enhanced security standards 
Use code ‘MAKEFORMS-VIP-10’ on checkout for an additional 10% off.

Don’t miss MakeForms for these reasons:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship and precision in features.
  • Polished design with a decade’s worth of expertise.
  • Quick, efficient One-At-A-Time form building as a real Typeform alternative.
  • Meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the platform.
  • Versatile Swiss army knife for forms, replacing other tools like quiz makers and survey tools.
  • Prioritizes security and privacy from the start.
  • Cost-effective, eliminating the need for other form builders.
  • Led by an experienced team, including Pratik Ghela (CEO) and Dipak Raghuwansi, they are seasoned founders behind the popular product MakeStories.


SmartCue is your secret weapon for creating an immersive experience through exciting product demonstrations, interactive walkthroughs, and visually engaging step-by-step guidance.

Major Features:

  • Generate interactive demos, guides, and presentations on the fly
  • Lead capture, Cloud hosted
  • Browser Extension, UTM Campaigns
  • Personalization, Campaigns, Analytics

😍Latest Deals


GoPublish is a unique content management system that offers one-click exports from Google Docs to WordPress, bypassing standard plugins for speed and simplicity.


Dropppin makes it simple to reward customers for creating and sharing user-generated content, resulting in increased sales and engagement by transforming ordinary users into valued brand ambassadors.

0️⃣Freebies of this week

Content Craft

Freebie – 731+ Days Of Social Media Content.
Social Calendar is jam-packed with social media post prompts to inspire your posts daily for the next TWO years.


Use code “PANIDEALS” to get a free LTD
Seemless is a bio link that detects where a click comes from, and instantly adapts to the style of any social profile. Seemless provides a consistent look & feel that enhances user experience, impresses your followers, & boosts engagement.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the content. If you did, please share it with your friends and family. Thank you again for taking the time to read this post.

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