Weekly Emails #81 – Skyrocket Your Website’s Visibility 🚀, SendNow 📉, Unbelievable Discounts 🥳


Explore our latest edition packed with the hottest news, irresistible freebies, and sizzling deals. Dive into the Giveaway Extravaganza and catch up on our recent live discussion with Manas Jha, founder of OneHash Chat.
Discover how OneHash Chat revolutionizes customer support with its powerful live chat tool, simplifying the management of all customer interactions effortlessly.

📰News of the week

  • What’s new in Gutenberg 17.5? 
  • SendNow Is Shutting Down
  • ZIP Recipes acquired by Igor Benić
  • Synup Acquires Gujarat-Based SaaS Platform Clientjoy
  • Microsoft adds ChatGPT-powered GPTs to the free version of Copilot.
  • Meta Lets Users Separate Facebook & Instagram Accounts In Europe.
  • Gmail’s new AI-backed feature will allow you to draft an email using your voice.
  • The Rabbit R1 will offer up-to-date answers powered by Perplexity’s AI
  • Copilot has a new feature that I love. It’s called Notebook and it’s completely free.

🎁Giveaways that YOU can join today

We’re delighted to unveil the exclusive StoryBlaze Giveaway, where you can dive into the realm of effortless content creation. With StoryBlaze, an AI-powered Web Story Creation & Automation tool, you can seamlessly generate and schedule engaging web stories for your WordPress sites or social channels.

Delighted to share the news of our OneHash Chat giveaway! This powerful live chat tool is tailored for seamless customer support, offering a convenient way to manage and enhance all your customer interactions. Elevate your support game with OneHash Chat.

💹Discount of the week

DealMirror Republic Day Sale – 20% OFF

Use code “DM20” to get 20% OFF.
Act fast, as this offer is only valid for the next 4 days.

🎥Video of the week

In a recent live discussion with Manas Jha, founder of OneHash Chat, he highlighted the essence of their powerful live chat tool. OneHash Chat is specifically crafted for streamlined customer support, simplifying the management of all customer interactions with ease.

🔥Hot Deals


The Lifetime deal ends in 4 days.
ReachInbox is a powerful tool for cold email outreach that helps you boost your business’s potential with unparalleled scalability, personalization, and automation.


Spectra is a fast and reliable page builder that helps reduce your website design time.


Strell is a comprehensive platform dedicated to keyword research and content optimization. Tailored for SEOs and content marketers, it facilitates the research, writing, and optimization processes, empowering users to enhance their organic search traffic and overall content performance.

⏲️Ending soon deals


Use code ‘EARLYBIRD-BOOLVIDEO-20‘ at checkout to get 20% OFF. Ends in less than 48 hours.
Boolvideo makes it easy to create all the video content you need to promote your brand or products online. Boolvideo harnesses the power of AI without the need for prompting or video editing skills. Now anyone can create professional-quality videos within minutes.


Onestop is a user-friendly platform for service-based businesses & agencies to easily streamline everything from bookings to payments, and reviews to customer management at scale.

😍Latest Deals

Chat Breezes

Chat Breeze, is the ultimate social commerce hub that streamlines all your customer chats into a unified inbox. Simplifying the process makes chatting, tracking, and providing support or selling a breeze – all in one place, effortlessly.


Lifetime Plans Closing on 29, Feb.
FlowMattic – the ultimate WordPress automation plugin that seamlessly integrates, automates, and accelerates your workflow. Experience comprehensive features designed to enhance efficiency and streamline your processes like never before.

0️⃣Freebies of this week

Freebie – 731+ Days Of Social Media Content

Content Craft

Social Calendar is jam-packed with social media post prompts to inspire your posts daily for the next TWO years.

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