Weekly Emails #33 Change the way you do business with xAmplify


Looking for a super simple and efficient bookmark manager? Look no further than Superdense! XAmplify is a partner management software that can help businesses with a variety of marketing and sales tasks. Komodo Decks is an easy-to-use platform that makes it easy to create interactive screencasts.

📰News of the week

💹Discount of the week

  • Jellyreach – Use XMASNY for 25% OFF (Ends in less than 24 hours).

🎥Video of the week

If you’re in the business of analyzing and understanding brands, then you’ll love Branalyzer. This AI-based all-in-one tool allows users to obtain detailed information on their brands in a matter of minutes.

🔥Hot Deals


Organize all your bookmarks across every browser using one homepage.

Starts at $49 for 10 team members Custom branding & Custom domain.


xAmplify simplifies partner education and management through a new-generation partner portal or PRM.

Costs $49 for Up to 50 partners, Unlimited video storage.

Komodo Decks

Set up interactive screen casting to make product demos, and walkthroughs.

Starts at $19 for 1 user, with Unlimited videos.

⏲️Ending soon deals


Achieve 100% cookie compliance across major global privacy standards in minutes.

Starts at $69 for 2 domains, 500 pages of website scanning per domain monthly.


Make online meetings easier with collaborative agendas, notes, and action items.

Starts at $69 for 25 team members, with Unlimited meetings and agendas.


Automatically capture and analyze customer feedback with video surveys.

Starts at $69 for 3 users, with 50 video surveys completes per month.


Instantly generate new ideas for PR, marketing, and ad campaigns with AI-powered tools.

Starts at $79 for 1 user, with 15,000 words generated per month.

😍Latest Deals


Automate personalized outreach campaigns to generate more leads via LinkedIn and email.

Starts at $69 for 1 seat(s), Unlimited connection requests, and InMail/day.


The Many Benefits of Single-Sourced Customer Management Software.

Starts at $39 for 10 clients, 2 contacts per client.


Automate workloads for scaling your project-driven business.

Starts at $49 for 2 team members.


Send cold emails that land in inboxes and drive more conversions on autopilot.

Starts at $49 for 3 email accounts, and 5 different warmup routines.


Personalize video outreach in bulk and drive traffic to custom landing pages to close more deals.

Starts at $69 for Unlimited video storage, Unlimited automatic transcriptions.

0️⃣Freebies of this week


Build software without devs.


Delight your customers with effortless customer service.


Automate Your Cold Email Outreach From Your Google Sheets & Gmail!

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