Weekly Emails #36 Make content that people will love with Fliki🚀, Automate the verification of digital certificates🔌


If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to create audio and video content, Fliki is the perfect tool for you. With MasterStudy LMS, you can create and sell online courses that are packed with interactive content.

📰News of the week

  • The WordPress Security Guide To Keep Your Site Safe.
  • WordPress project to evaluate replacing Slack with Matrix open source chat.
  • WordPress Launches Old Tickets Trac Triage Sessions.
  • WordPress Contributors Work Towards Removing Site Editor Beta Label for 6.2 Release.
  • Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask the court to throw out an AI copyright lawsuit.
  • LinkedIn’s New Feature Can Help You Find Must-Read Newsletters.
  • Google’s new AI turns text into music.
  • Twitter has launched a Search Keyword Ads beta test for all advertisers.
  • Yandex ‘leak’ reveals 1,922 search ranking factors.
  • UpdraftPlus Acquires WP Overnight.
  • Patchstack now has a partnership with WPMU DEV.
  • ChatGPT Update: Improved Math Capabilities.

🎥Video of the week

Automation of the verification of digital certificates using Pabbly Connect and Google Sheets.

🔥Hot Deals


Turn text into videos with stunning AI voices.

Costs $189 to Create audio/video up to 180 mins per month, Access 850+ high-quality AI voices.

MasterStudy LMS

Build and sell online courses packed with interactive content using a WordPress plugin.

Starts at $69 for 5 site licenses.


Launch interactive email marketing campaigns that capture more leads and boost revenue.

starts at $49 for 12,000 emails per month.

⏲️Ending Soon Deals


Sell any kind of digital product or service with one complete platform.

Starts at $89 for 5 shops, 2 users, 5 custom domains, & $250,000 total annual revenue limit.


Enable passwordless login on your site or mobile app with a few lines of code.

Starts at $59 for 5 RPS authentication requests.


Boost live audience engagement with interactive tools and real-time metrics.

Starts at $39 for 3 account sub-users, and 6 Livestream hours per month.


Chat, organize, and get things done using a single project management app.

Starts at $59 for 3 users, with 60 GB total storage.

😍Latest Deals


Quickly develop and test WordPress, e-commerce sites, and custom web apps.

Starts at $69 for 1,200 hours per month, 2 users.


Optimize images and videos on your website to improve page load speed.

Starts at $39 for 1 workspace(s), 1 user(s), &2 domains per workspace.


Create unique AI-generated images to level up your brand’s marketing strategy.

Starts at $39 for 750 credits per month.

0️⃣Freebies of this week


Use Clipchamp’s free video editor to create beautiful videos today.

Logo Maker

Get a free logo and tools to build a brand you love.


A powerful no-code website builder.

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