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aasaan is a no-code SaaS platform for SMEs to build a storefront and mobile apps using our template-driven front-end in 5 mins. RepliQ is a video generation tool that allows you to automatically create hundreds of personalized videos.


We would like to inform you that we are conducting a giveaway for our community, and we hope that you will participate and be a part of celebrating the lucky winners.

Zonal365 – Professional Business Email

Zonal365 Email Hosting is a service that provides businesses and individuals with secure and reliable email hosting.

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Viral Content Champion

Supercharge Profits with Red-Hot Content Marketing.

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BlogHunch – WordPress alternative for blogs

BlogHunch is an SEO-optimized, flexible No-Code blogging platform that lets you build and manage your blog without worrying about servers, developers, branding, and SEO.

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📰News of the week

  • Bing’s AI bot has been running OpenAI’s new GPT-4 behind the scenes.
  • OpenAI Releases GPT-4: Now Available In ChatGPT & Bing.
  • OpenAI’s new GPT-4 can understand both text and image inputs.
  • Google is shoving generative AI into Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Chat, and Slides.
  • Google Pixel Fold and 7a might be arriving in June.
  • Google is working on AI for ultrasound diagnosis and cancer therapy.
  • US government opens $2.5 billion in funding for community EV chargers.
  • Meta is laying off 10,000 more employees.
  • After Facebook’s 10,000 job cuts, Apple freezes hiring and bonuses to decrease costs. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, will also see a pay cut this year, receiving $49 million instead of $99 million.
  • Anthropic Introduces Claude: A Safer AI Assistant.

💹Discount of the week

WP GridBuilder – Springsale LTD & 30% OFF sale.

Get 30% off all license plans. Limited Lifetime Deal valid from 20-26 March 2023. No promo code is needed.

🔥Hot Deals


Launch and manage a mobile-friendly online store on a code-free e-commerce platform.

Starts at $49 for 5 staff members, and 10 integrations.


Generate tons of personalized videos for cold outreach to boost response rates.

Starts at $39 for 100 video credits per month.

⏲️Ending Soon deals


Personalize video outreach in bulk and drive traffic to custom landing pages to close more deals.

It starts at $69 for Unlimited video storage and 250 AI-generated personalized videos per month.


The all-in-one solution for creating stunning websites with the WordPress Block Editor.

Starts at $59 for 3 websites, 400+ ready-made designs & UI Kits.

Nova A.I.

Automatically translate and add subtitles to digital and social content.

Starts at $79 for 250 GB storage, and 4 hours of automatic subtitle and translation per month.


All-In-One Advanced Shopify Analytics & Reporting Platform.

It starts at $49 for 3000 Orders/month, Unlimited Team Members & 1 Store.

😍Latest Deals


Boost your business by creating powerful interactive videos.

Costs $59 for Unlimited advanced video editing.


Build a digital space for your online community using 40+ apps—no coding required.

Starts at $49 for 500 members per community, 1 community.


Plan, run, & recap interactive meetings & breakout sessions packed with engagement tools.

Starts at $49 for 1 user(s), Unlimited rooms.

0️⃣Freebies of this week


The best clipboard manager for Windows.


A URL Shortener Tool.


Free Graphic Design Software.

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