Weekly Emails #55 – Say Goodbye to Invalid Emails with Reoon Email Verifier🚀, StoryScraper giveaway🎁, Use discounts🥳

Say Goodbye to Invalid Emails with Reoon Email Verifier, StoryScraper giveaway, Use discounts blog post pani.work

Reoon Email Verifier is a game-changer in the world of email marketing. It is one of the most accurate email validation services available that can effectively clean invalid, temporary, and unsafe email addresses.

🎁Giveaways that YOU can join today

We are absolutely thrilled to announce an exclusive opportunity for our incredible community! We will be hosting a live demo of the StoryScraper lifetime deal, and not one, not two, but three lucky winners will walk away with exciting giveaways! We owe a huge thank you to Ram Sahoo, the founder of StoryScraper, for joining us for the live demo and making this event possible.

If you’re not familiar with StoryScraper, it’s an amazing tool that allows you to create high-quality content in minutes. Whether you’re a blogger or a marketer, it can help simplify your content creation process and save you time. And now, with the lifetime deal on offer, there’s never been a better time to give it a try!

So mark your calendars and get ready for an informative and exciting session. Don’t forget to invite your friends and colleagues along too – this is one event you won’t want to miss!

Participate in a Giveaway Event

📰News of the week

  • Google Domains Agrees To Be Acquired By Squarespace
  • Google Announces Google Analytics 4 & AdSense Integration
  • Vulnerability In WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin Affects 900,000+ Websites
  • Popular subreddits plan to extend API protests indefinitely
  • Instagram Adds New Option to Include Music Tracks in Notes
  • OpenAI reportedly cautioned Microsoft regarding the early implementation of GPT-4 in Bing Chat

💹Discount of the week

Get 20% off using the code “AK20.”


Easy-to-use Online Survey Tool.

Get 40% off by using the code “HAPPYTACO

AGI mind X

A user-friendly platform to control the most advanced AI models on earth.

🔥Hot Deals


Create high-quality content and boost your productivity with an AI-powered personal assistant.

Starts at $29 for 2,000 requests per month, Auto AI model (GPT-3.5 / GPT-4)

Reoon Email Verifier

The most accurate email validation service that cleans invalid, temporary & unsafe email addresses.

Starts at $79 for Quick API validation: validate an email within 0.5 seconds, 500 credits/day (credits will renew every day for a lifetime; not capped by lifetime credits)


The ultimate keyword research tool and listing editor for Amazon private label sellers and agencies.

Costs $59 for 50 Listing, 200 keywords per listing.

⏲️Ending soon deals


Beta Management Platform For B2B Product Teams With Customer Feedback.

Starts at $49 for Unlimited testers, 2 Managers.


The first job search automation platform.

Costs $39 to Send personalized emails and 30+ integrated platforms.


Generate stock photos, art, and images with the latest in AI technology.

Starts at $79 for the Search tool to help with prompts to generate images, Fast generations (under 15 seconds on average)

😍Latest Deals


Loopin is The AI Meeting Assistant that records, transcribes & summarises your meetings.

Starts at $45 for 1 User, 15 AI Meeting Recordings/month.

Gumlet Video

Upload, optimize, and stream videos with detailed analytics in minutes.

Starts at $49 for 1 user(s), 2 video collections/channels.

Website Speedy

Use Website Speedy to make your website load at lightning-fast speed! Fix critical web vitals in less than 5 minutes!

Starts at $29 for 1 website, 30,000 Page views/month.


Safely scale your agency’s LinkedIn outreach with native CRM integrations, a unified inbox, and more.

Starts at $69 for 1 seat, Unlimited messages, and outreach.


Create stunning, high-functioning native apps in just minutes with this no-code platform.

Starts at $39 for 10 premium templates, and 500 MB total storage.

0️⃣Freebies of this week


Create Your Personalised NFC-Enabled Digital/Virtual Business Card!


Focusmate is an online coworking platform that helps you beat distractions and get things done.

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