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Crove is cloud-based a platform that gives businesses the power to automatically create business documents without writing any code. Storipress is an all-in-one content management system that integrates all the tools a publisher needs in a single platform.

📰News of the week

  • WP Statistics WordPress Plugin Patches CSRF Vulnerability.
  • Elementor WordPress Contact Form Plugin Vulnerability Exposes Up To 200,000 Sites.
  • YouTube Updates Ad Policy To Allow More Profanity In Videos.
  • Google Ads Launches Performance Max For Travel Goals.
  • Tutor LMS v2.1.8: Introducing ChatGPT Integration For Next-Level Content Generation.


We are excited to announce that we are conducting a giveaway to our community! We select 3 winners of LTD randomly, and we hope that you will join us in celebrating these lucky people!

🔥Hot Deals


Automatically create repetitive business documents to streamline your workflow.

Starts at $89 for 1,000 documents per month, 1 user.


Design professional signatures and track email performance.

Starts at $29 for 5 users.

Brilliant Directories

Create & Monetize Your Own Membership Sites & Business Directories.

Starts at $89 for 250 members.


Build Working Apps & Websites Straight From Figma!

Starts at $49 for 1 Creator License (admin user), and 5 External Users (guests).

⏲️Ending soon deals

Ends in less than 14 hours:

AppSumo LastCall

  • Acumbamail
  • Helloscribe
  • Reachout AI
  • Rumble Studio
  • SEOCrawl
  • Flowlu
  • Ocoya
  • MonSpark
  • Steve AI
  • RabbitLoader

Virtual Summits Software

Launch virtual summits with professional speakers.

Starts at $49 for Unlimited active summits, 1,000 registrations per summit & 1 custom domain(s).


Transcribe your meetings and extract key insights with the AI Meeting Assistant.

Starts at $69 for Unlimited online meeting transcription (Zoom, Webex, and Google Meet), and 5 team members.


Convert your target audience with interactive video marketing campaigns.

Starts at $49 for 3,000 customers, 3 team members & 1 player theme.

😍Latest Deals


Use this PRO video studio to make videos and streams profitable.

Costs $49 for Use with your iOS & Android devices (phones/iPads/tablets).


Help users navigate your app with in-app nudges and checklists.

Starts at $49 for 10 commands, and 1 user editor.


Optimize your content for search engines faster with an SEO writing assistant.

Starts at $49 for 10 analyses per month, 1 user & 100 pages per website.


Use an all-in-one content management system.

Starts at $49 for 100,000 page views per month, 1 admin editor(s).


Help your sales and marketing by giving them GDPR-better data.

Starts at $49 for 10,000 monthly visitors.


Convert simple English queries into spreadsheet formulas.

Starts at $39 for 500 credits per month.

0️⃣Freebies of this Week


Colorize Pictures automatically, no sign-up, and Free!


The best clipboard manager for Windows.

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